IL amends bad actor clause
Illinois Amendment to Gambling Expansion Bill Softens Bad Actor Clause

A recent amendment to the latest gambling expansion bill being considered by Illinois politicians includes modifications…

Illinois' online poker  choices may be limited
Who Would Make the Cut to Offer Online Poker in Illinois?

Given the stringent nature of the bad actor lockouts in the proposed state regulation, the reasons for Caesar’s recent Barriere partnership become clear.

Bad actor lockout prevents all who operated in the US for ten years from applying for licenses.
New Bill Shapes the Illinois Online Poker Landscape

New legislation approved by an Illinois senate committee on Wednesday seeks to regulate online gambling, including…

Illinois considers online poker
Gambling Expansion Bill in Illinois Includes Online Poker

Illinois’ latest gambling expansion bill represents the state’s second attempt to implement a full slate of internet gambling.

An ongoing proposal to establish an intrastate online poker network serving Illinois residents died a procedural death on Tuesday after…
Time Expires for Illinois Online Poker Bill

An ongoing proposal to establish an intrastate online poker network serving Illinois residents died a procedural death…

Illinois Online Gambling Program to Offer Choices
Casinos and Horse Racing to Participate in Illinois Online Gambling Program

If passed, players will have their choice of sites to play on, but the network will be the same.

Illinois: The Future of Online Gaming
Nine Days and Counting: Illinois on the Brink of Online Poker

Illinois is in a position to adopt legislation that could add millions of dollars in new revenue to state coffers and relieve some of the pressure cause by budgetary constraints.

Illinois Online Poker: It’s the economy, stupid!
Illinois Online Poker: It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Illinois is in financial trouble and this proposed legislation just makes sense, writes Bradley Vallerius, an Illinois attorney focused on gaming and technology issues.

A hearing is scheduled on Wednesday to discuss the merits of an amendment that would allow the Illinois Lottery to offer online gaming in the state.
Illinois to Consider Expanding State Lottery Law to Include Online Gaming

Hearing tomorrow will discuss an amendment to offer state-owned online poker and other forms of gambling.

More Extensions Issued to Black Friday Defendants
US Online Poker Legislation: Week in Review March 24

Illinois gets ready to offer online lottery ticket sales, Utah’s Governor signs anti-online gambling legislation and the Kentucky domain seizure case reappears this week in US legislation news.

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