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PokerStars is set to introduce some innovative game features that could be soon launched. It includes a popular feature that show stack sizes and bet amounts in terms of big blinds, and the ability to throw virtual items at other players.
Exclusive: All-In Cashout, Throwable Virtual Objects, Stacks in Big Blinds—PokerStars is Believed to Be Readying Major Product Upgrade

Update appears to include a style of insurance where players can cash-in their equity in all-in situations.

All player balances remain safe, and everyone will be repaid their balances in full, the company assures.
All-In Equity Insurer InsuredPlay Closing Down

Sixteen months after opening its doors, the unique cash game insurance site cites unspecified difficulties for its imminent closure.

First we had the concept of Bubble Insurance, allowing you to purchase protection from “bubbling” in online MTTs. All-In Equity Insurance for Cash Games

Would you pay a premium to insure yourself against losing as a favorite in all-in situations online? thinks you would.

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