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The LSOP Millions has tried to boost attendance by holding Day 1s in casinos throughoutt South America.
LSOP Millions Successfully Trials Internationally Dispersed Day 1s

48 players have qualified for Day 2 of the Panama LSOP Millions in Day 1 events held in their own countries.

William Hill Poker will run satellites into the upcoming inaugural DeepStacks Poker Tour Veneto Carnivale Series.
DeepStacks, William Hill Partner For Panama Series

Deepstacks, the parent company of the DeepStacks Poker Tour, announced a partnership this week with online poker site…

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Book Review: No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players – For Tough Games By Matthew Janda, Or, Why I’m Too Stupid To Play Poker Anymore
I can't even: A brutally honest personal review of Matthew Janda's "No-Limit Hold’em For Advanced Players" and why I realize I might be too simple-minded to play poker in 2019. — read more »
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