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The new cash game novelty from PokerStars, 6+ Hold’em, will roll out in the Italian market soon, following its debut last month in the dot-com market.
6+ Hold’em to Debut in Italy and it Could be Permanent

6+ will be the only variant in the recent wave of new games from PokerStars to go live in a segregated market.

Starting February 5, the online poker giant will implement a new policy that will significantly reduce the decision time a player gets when playing in cash games across all the stakes and licenses.
PokerStars Introduces Shorter Time Banks Across All Stakes and Licenses

Time to act to reduce by at least 40% from February 5 across all cash game stakes and game variants.

PokerStars is rolling out a number of changes to its third-party tools policy including prohibiting all types of seating scripts that automatically seat a…
Seating Scripts Will No Longer be Allowed on PokerStars

Soon the world’s leading online poker site will ban all seating scripts that filter games “based on opponent gameplay statistics”.

PokerStars will soon be implementing a number of changes to its third-party tools policy including restricting the use of the so-called automated “seating scripts” on its client.
Exclusive: PokerStars to Ban Automated Seating Scripts

PokerStars is in process of introducing changes to its third-party tools policy including restrictions on software that “automates the process of joining available games” based on opponent profiling.

PokerStars has scheduled another tournament series called Carnaval Series in the Southern European segregated market and the Italian market.
PokerStars Schedules “Carnaval” Tournament Series in Segregated European Markets

The €10 million series will be the eighth online poker tournament festival held in Southern European in little more than a year.

Partypoker Europe's first-ever Powefest boasts a guarantee of €3.5 million across 300 tournaments. PokerStars Italy's ICOOP will be guaranteeing €4 million--the biggest ever in the history of ICOOP.
PokerStars Italy, Partypoker Europe Join the Autumn Tournament Series Fray

PokerStars.IT hosts ICOOP guaranteeing €4 million—a market record—while partypoker debuts Powerfest in the European market with a €3.5 million guarantee.

More than $215 million was paid out across 1590 tournaments. WCOOP and Powerfest were the top tournament series as they paid out close to $170 million.
Fall Online Tournament Series 2018: New Industry Record Set, Over $215 Million Paid Out in Prize Money

Over ten online tournament series and 1500 events, operators set a new bar for big-ticket MTT series.

The world’s leading online poker site, PokerStars, may bring back its novelty twists on the classic Texas Hold’em poker variant— Split…
PokerStars Hints that Showtime, Split Hold’em May Return in Tournament Format

MTT versions of recent limited-run games have been requested by players.

PokerStars has announced Galactic Series for its Italian customers. The Galactic series will commence from September 9 and will run through ten days.
Galactic Series to Debut in Italy

Over €1.5 million is guaranteed across 33 events in the segregated Italian market.

PokerStars is trialing a new format at Zoom tables for its Italian customers. This comes just a month after PokerStars limited the number of cash tables (excluding Zoom) a player can simultaneously play on the Italian client to six.
PokerStars Changes Format at Zoom Tables to Five-Max in Italy

After limiting multi-tabling at cash games and implementing “Seat Me” last month, PokerStars is now trialing five-handed Zoom tables in Italy.

In PokerStars Europe (the three-country shared liquidity network comprising France, Spain and Portugal) the operator is running MicroMillions for the first time.
PokerStars Reveals Summer Schedule in Segregated Markets

Operator to run first ever MicroMillions in Europe and announces the return of MicroSeries in Italy and Summer Series in New Jersey.

In an attempt to improve the recreational player experience, PokerStars has announced plans to further expand its Seat Me blind lobby into the Italian market.
PokerStars to Roll Out Blind Lobby and Limit Cash Game Multi-Tabling in Italy

The Seat Me” blind lobby system will expand into Italy while a six-table limit on cash games is also trialed.

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