Dan Cates regained the top spot as online poker’s biggest cash game earner in 2014 and moved above $10 million in profit for his all-time earnings playing online  at Full Tilt.
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Last week Dan “Jungleman12” Cates lost his number one position as online poker’s biggest cash game earner in 2014 to Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau, but this week the US pro regained the top spot and moved above $10 million in profit for his all-time earnings playing online cash poker on Full Tilt despite a brilliant performance from Luneau who won close to $1 million.

The action was fierce this week with three players profiting over $400,000, four players losing around $400,000, a $1.25 million loss for Chun “samrostan” Lei Zhou and another downswing for Gus Hansen, according to the highstakesdb.com database.


Dan Cates was busy on the 8-Game and the No Limit Holdem tables. His best performance came playing 8-Game where the US pro won $789,048 in 53 sessions over the week.

His biggest score was on Saturday when 25 sessions of 8-Game produced $677,354. The rest of his cash came via NLH in which he took $620,657 in just 4 sessions grinding 3,412 hands.

Luneau also ran well all week and was ahead of Cates in the overall yearly rankings until Saturday, but despite the draw specialist accumulating $912,537 in profit at 8-Game, he couldn’t match Cates.

Mikael “punting-peddler” Thuritz was the third player to make a huge 8-Game profit. He didn’t venture away from the mixed poker tables and gained his $433,641 in the space of 23 sessions.

Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn improved on last week’s performance as he became the fourth highest 8-Game winner this week with around a $352,604 profit. He also made another $8,542 playing Triple Draw.

German pro, SanIker made a turnaround after losing $227,442 last week. This week 23 sessions of Deuce to Seven Triple Draw put him ahead of all other earners in this style this week taking away $482,477. He didn’t fare as well at NLH having lost $63,775 of his profits but still finishing with a respectable $418,702 overall for the week.

1st jungleman12 $1,409,706 Full Tilt
2nd Alexonmoon $940,013 Full Tilt
3rd punting-peddler $433,641 Full Tilt
4th SanIker $418,702 Full Tilt
5th Trueteller $402,607 Full Tilt
6th PostflopAction $361,146 Full Tilt
7th Carlooo13 $176,208 Full Tilt
8th no_Ola $107,524 Full Tilt
9th AckmaJin $98,824 PokerStars
10th Rui Cao $79,556 Full Tilt


Chun “samrostan” Lei Zhou did not have a good time of it as a $1,335,118 downswing on the 8-Game tables over a total of 33 sessions and 5,889 hands put the Macau pro over $1 million down.

He did manage to reduce that loss with a $240,228 profit playing on the Triple Draw tables. Nevertheless, he accumulated more more losses at the Pot Limit Omaha tables totaling $144,279.

Gus Hansen and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom currently are currently the biggest two losers at the high stakes online games in 2014.

Hansen’s loss this week was $950,000 coming mainly from an 8-Game heads-up match versus Mikael “punting-peddler” Thuritz. Hansen had previously been on a $602,457 upswing from Monday to Wednesday, but over the last 4 days of the week the Great Dane lost $1,246,819.

Denoking dropped about half a million dollars to Hansen which was the biggest loss at the NLH games over the 7 day period.

Cort “thecortster” Kibler-Melby was not far behind Denoking with an equally as unimpressive loss of $439,450. A terrible 7 sessions of Triple Draw booked him in as the largest loser in that style over the week.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom lost $1,009,419 last week and continued with his self-destruct mode of play losing another $401,773. Out of that loss $398,330 was purely down to what was one of the most competitive weeks of the year on the 8-Game tables.

1st samrostan $1,287,938 Full Tilt
2nd Gus Hansen $644,361 Full Tilt
3rd Denoking $447,496 Full Tilt
4th thecortster $439,450 Full Tilt
5th Isildur1 $401,773 Full Tilt
6th OMGClayAiken $398,631 Full Tilt
7th taktloss47 $208,620 Full Tilt
8th RMFG $185,769 Full Tilt
9th timekpr $110,360 Full Tilt
10th Patriktortonius $100,000 Full Tilt

Blom’s bad run has also pushed him further into the red overtaking Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, who did have the second highest loss for the year, but Blom now holds that record with a total 2014 deficit of $1,870,270.

As for Gus Hansen, he seems determined to continue on a downwards slope deeper into the red. After this week, his losses are now $4,066,630 in 2014.

Since last week’s action when Luneau’s stats showed he had finished with a yearly haul of $1,666,720, the French pro, who lives in London, has added another $940,013 leaving him currently with a $2,606,733 2014 profit.

Leneau has overtaken Dan Cates, but that huge $1,409,706 score took his 2014 earnings up to $2,667,597—enough to regain the lead as this year’s number 1 online cash player to date.