WPT 2024 GuideThe World Poker Tour is one of the best-known and longest-running live poker tours in the world. Established back in 2002, it starting life in the United States but soon spread to Europe and other parts of the world.

Today, the World Poker Tour consists of the main tour and WPT Prime. Both series feature a number of stops throughout the year, but the WPT Prime features lower, more affordable buy-ins, catering to players looking for mid-stakes live tournament action.

The pinnacle of the World Poker Tour is the WPT World Championship, an event taking place in Las Vegas, featuring a $10k buy-in and record-breaking guarantees.

On this page, we bring you all the details of the 2024 World Poker Tour live schedule, covering both the main tour and WPT Prime, discussing different ways to qualify for big WPT events, and much more.

What Is the WPT World Championship?

The WPT World Championship is a pinnacle of the WPT Live yearly schedule. Taking place in December in Las Vegas, the Championship offers record-breaking guarantees, with the 2023 version having a massive $40,000,000 promise.

WPT Live 2024
✈️ Live stops around the worldEurope, Asia, North America, and Australia
💻 Online QualifiersQualify via WPT Global and ClubWPT
🌏 WPT PrimeExperience the World Poker Tour via mid-stakes tournaments
💰 WPT World Championship The biggest guarantee live event taking place in December!

2024 WPT Live Schedule

The 2024 World Poker Tour schedule comprises numerous events taking place all over the world. Each stop features the Main Event with a buy-in of $3,500 – $5,000 and numerous side events.

The WPT has released a full schedule for the 2024, and the table below lists all the completed and upcoming events that have been confirmed.

Dates Event Championship Event Dates Buy-In Prize Pool / GTD
Jan 17 – 30 WPT Cambodia Jan 25 – 29 $3,500 $2,432,760
Mar 7 – 26 WPT Rolling Thunder March 23 – 26 $3,500 1,465,600
Apr 1 – 3 WPT Voyage Championship Apr 1 – 3 $5,000 $1,347,800
Apr 3 – 23 WPT Seminole Hardrock Apr 19 – 23 $3,500 $5,980,800
Apr 17 – May 6 WPT Choctaw May 3 – 6 $3,800 $2,110,500
May 9 – 22 WPT Montreal May 16 – 20 CAD 3,500 CAD 2,822,400
June 18 – 24 WPT Macau June 20 – 24 HKD 40,000 TBA
June 25 – 26 WPT Alpha8 Trifecta June 25 – 26 $25,000 TBA
July 3 – 4 WPT Alpha8 Trifecta July 3 – 4 $25,000 TBA
July 10 – 11 WPT Alpha8 Trifecta July 10 – 11 $25,000 TBA
Sep 20 – 25 WPT Australia Sep 20 – 25 AUD 8,000 TBA
Nov 15 – 19 WPT bestbet Scramble Nov 15 – 19 $5,000 TBA
Nov 29 – Dec 4 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Nov 29 – Dec 4 $3,500 TBA
Dec 3 – Dec 23 WPT World Championship Dec 3 – Dec 20 TBA TBA

WPT Cambodia Championship 2024

  • Dates: January 25 – 29
  • Venue: NagaWorld Integrated Resort, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Prize Pool: $2,432,760
  • Winner: Konstantin Held ($361,310)

World Poker Tour picked Cambodia as the first destination for 2024, and the event delivered far beyond expectations. The $3,500 Championship event came with a guarantee of $1,000,000 but that goalpost was handsomely exceeded thanks to the 760-strong turnout, which translated into the prize pool of over $2.4 million. Konstantin Held, the eventual winner, took home $361,310 for his efforts.

WPT Rolling Thunder Championship 2024

  • Dates: March 23 – 26
  • Venue: Thunder Valley Casino, California
  • Prize Pool: $1,465,600
  • Winner: Casey Sandretto ($246,600)

The WPT Rolling Thunder Championship was the second WPT Live stop for 2024 and it took place at Thunder Valley Casino & Resort, The $3,500 Championship event attracted a total of 458 entries, creating a prize pool of almost $1.5 million. Casey Sandretto, the eventual winner of the event, took home the lion’s share of that prize pool, pocketing $246,600 for his efforts.

WPT Voyage Championship 2024

  • Dates: April 1 – 3
  • Venue: On board a cruise ship
  • Prize Pool: $1,347,800
  • Winner: Aram Oganyan ($214,245)

The 2024 WPT Voyage Championship took place April 1 – 3 on board of a cruise ship, The event had a million guarantee, but that guarantee was blown out of the water as 293 entrants ended up creating the prize pool of well over $1.3 million. After three days of play, the Championship title went to Aram Oganyan, who pocketed $214,245 for his performance.

WPT Seminole Hardrock Poker Showdown Championship 2024

  • Dates: April 19 – 23
  • Venue: Seminole Hardrock Casino, Hollywood, Florida
  • Prize Pool: $5,980,800
  • Winner: To be determined in Las Vegas on May 29

The World Poker Tour came back to Seminole Hard Rock Casino for one of the most iconic events on the entire tour, the 2024 Poker Showdown Championship. The Championship event came with a promise of $3,000,000, but that guarantee was blown out of the water as 1,869 entries translated into a prize pool just shy of $6,000,000.

Unlike most WPT Championship event, this one plays down to the final table of six and then breaks. The final six players will come back to Las Vegas to play down to the winner at the televised final table on May 29, 2024.

The final table lineup:

  1. Dylan Smith – 28,400,000 (142 big blinds)
  2. Josh Reichard – 20,575,000 (103 big blinds)
  3. Landon Tice – 13,700,000 (69 big blinds)
  4. Alex Queen – 13,450,000 (67 big blinds)
  5. Jesse Lonis – 12,350,000 (62 big blinds)
  6. Aaron Kupin – 4,925,000 (25 big blinds)

WPT Choctaw Championship 2024

  • Dates: May 3 – 6
  • Venue: Choctaw Casino, Durant, Oklahoma
  • Prize Pool: $2,110,500

In May 2024, the World Poker Tour visited Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma, for one of its usual live stops. The $3,800 Championship event attracted a total of 603 entries, creating the prize pool in excess of $2.1 million. The tournament is down to the final six players, with the televised final table taking place in Las Vegas on May 30.

The final table lineup:

  1. James Mackey – 10,550,000 (84 bb)
  2. Adam Hendrix – 8,775,000 (70 bb)
  3. Sebastien Aube – 3,600,000 (29 bb)
  4. Eric Afriat – 2,875,000 (23 bb)
  5. Danny Marx – 2,375,000 (19 bb)
  6. Erick Lindgren – 1,975,000 (16 bb)

WPT Montreal Championship 2024

  • Dates: May 16 – 20
  • Venue: Playground Casino, Montreal, Canada
  • Prize Pool: CAD 2,822,400
  • Winner: David Dongwoo Ko (CAD 434,900)

The WPT Montreal Championship event took place May 16 – 20 at the popular Playground Casino in Montreal, The event’s original guarantee of CAD 2,000,000 was blown out of the water thanks to 882 entrants, which created the total prize pool of over CAD 2.8 million. When it was all said and done, the winner took home CAD 434,900.

WPT Macau Championship 2024

  • Dates: June 20 – 24
  • Venue: Wynn Palace, Macau
  • Prize Pool: TBA

For the first time in its 22-year history, the World Poker Tour is heading to Macau, a Chinese region often referred to as Las Vegas of Asia. The tournament will take place at the Wynn Palace Casino, and although there is no guarantee placed on the price pool, this one is likely to attract a big number of players from Asia and the rest of the world alike.

WPT Alpha8 Trifecta 2024

  • Dates: June 25 – July 11
  • Venue: Wynn Casino, Las Vegas
  • Prize Pool: TBA

The Aplha8 Trifecta will feature three high-roller tournaments with buy-ins of $25,000 for each event. The three tournaments will take place over the span of two weeks (June 25 – July 11) and will be hosted at the Wynn, one of the largest and most popular Las Vegas casinos that the WPT has been working with for a while.

2024 WPT Prime Schedule

WPT Prime is a fairly recent addition to the World Poker Tour. The series was established in 2022 to complement the main tour, bringing similar excitement and big prize pools but with much more affordable buy-ins.

Usually, a WPT Prime Main Event will feature a buy-in of $1,100, while most side events only cost a few hundred dollars to enter.

WPT Prime has been a massive success, showing constant growth and attracting players in droves, with the 2023 WPT Prime World Championship event attracting over 10,500 entries to blow the initial $5,000,000 guarantee out of the water.

Dates Event Championship Event Dates Buy-In Prize Pool / GTD
Jan 26 – Feb 5 WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence Feb 1 – 5 €1,100 €727,680
Mar 15 – 23 WPT Prime Amsterdam Mar 17 – 22 €1,100 €1,289,400
Apr 1 – 4 WPT Prime Voyage Championship Apr 1 – 4 $1,100 $968,000
Apr 4 – 15 WPT Prime Slovakia Apr 11 – 15 €1,100 €702,720
Apr 10 – 23 WPT Prime Gold Coast Apr 19 – 23 AUD $2,000 AUD $2,511,000
May 9 – 22 WPT Montreal May 12 – 17 CAD 1,150 CAD 1,291,000
May 31 – June 10 WPT Prime San Remo June 6 – 10 €1,100 TBA
Aug 15 – 19 WPT Prime Taiwan Aug 15 – 19 TWD 33,000 TBA
Sep 12 – 16 WPT Prime UK Sep 12 – 16 £1,100 TBA
Sep 26 – 30 WPT Prime Lichtenstein Sep 26 – 30 CHF 1,100 TBA
Oct 22 – 27 WPT Prime Paris Oct 22 – 27 €1,100 TBA

WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence Championship 2024

  • Dates: February 1 – 5
  • Venue: Pasino Grand, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Prize Pool: €727,680
  • Winner: Yakiv Syzghanov (€133,400)

The 2024 WPT Prime season opened with an event in picturesque Aix-en-Provence in France. The Championship event attracted 758 entries for the final prize pool of €727,680. Yakiv Syzghanov took home the lion’s share of that prize pool after being the last man standing in the tournament, claiming €133,400 for his performance.

WPT Prime Amsterdam Championship 2024

  • Dates: March 17 – 22
  • Venue: Holland Casino, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Prize Pool: €1,289,400
  • Winner: Rutger Hennen (€209,775)

The capital of Netherlands played the host for the second stop on the 2024 WPT Prime schedule. The WPT Prime Amsterdam Championship took place in late March, looking to match and exceed the last year’s success. In 2023, the tournament attracted an even number of 1,000 entries for the prize pool of €970,000 and the top prize in excess of €160,000.

The event achieved its goal, as it ended up with a total of 1,340 entries, creating the prize pool of almost €1.3 million. The eventual winner, Rutger Hennen picked up €209,775 for his stellar run in the 2024 WPT Prime Amsterdam Championship.

WPT Prime Voyage Championship 2024

  • Dates: April 1 – 4
  • Venue: On board a cruise ship
  • Prize Pool: $968,000
  • Winner: Gregory De Faria ($155,400)

The WPT Prime Voyage Championship took place alongside the main WPT Championship during the first week of April. The Championship event had a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000, but by the time it was all said and done, that guarantee was almost doubled. The tournament ended up with a total prize pool of $968,000 created by 968 entries, and the eventual winner took home $155,400.

WPT Prime Slovakia Championship 2024

  • Dates: April 11 – 15
  • Venue: Card Casino, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Prize Pool: €702,720
  • Winner: Fabian Gumz (€117,980)

Card Casino in Bratislava played the host to the WPT Prime Championship from April 11 – 15. The event ended up attracting quite a crowd, with a total of 732 entries, which was more than enough to shatter the €500,000 guarantee. Of those 732 entries, 95 players made the money, sharing in on the prize pool of €702,720. Germany’s Fabian Gumz emerged victorious, pocketing €117,980.

WPT Prime Gold Coast Championship 2024

  • Dates: April 19 – 23
  • Venue: The Star Casino, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Prize Pool: AUD $2,511,000
  • Winner: Lorenz Schöllhorn (AUD $401,510)

Proving itself a truly international tour, WPT Prime traveled to Australia for the WPT Prime Gold Coast Championship that took place at The Star Casino, featuring a $2,000 buy-in event.

By the time the registration ended, the tournament clock was showing 1,395 entries and a big prize pool of AUD $2,511,000. Lorenz Schöllhorn was the last man standing in the event, claiming AUD $401,510 for his efforts, including a seat in the WPT World Championship event in December.

WPT Prime Montreal Championship 2024

  • Dates: May 12 – 17
  • Venue: Playground Casino, Montreal, Canada
  • Prize Pool: CAD 1,291,000
  • Winner: Jikai Zhang (CAD 165,070)

The WPT Prime Championship event at Playground Casino in Montreal took place May 12 – 17, a few days ahead of the main WPT Championship tournament. The tournament managed to easily blow past its original guarantee of CAD 1,000,000 thanks to 1,291 entries who generated the prize pool of almost CAD 1.3 million. One Jikai Zhang was the last man standing from the massive field, picking up CAD 165,070 for his efforts.

WPT Prime San Remo Championship 2024

  • Dates: June 6 – 10
  • Venue: Casino Sanremo, Italy
  • Prize Pool: TBA

The first half of the 2024 WPT Prime schedule ends with a WPT Prime event taking place at the Sanremo Casino in Italy. If the last year is anything to go by, we expect a rich schedule of events, plenty of satellites for the Championship and a solid turnout.

2024 WPT World Championship

The WPT World Championship is a pinnacle of the World Poker Tour, usually taking place in December as the final stop of the yearly WPT circuit. The details surrounding the 2024 WPT World Championship are still scarce, but it has been confirmed the event will take place at the Wynn once again, from December 3 – 23, 2024.

The 2023 event featured the biggest guaranteed prize pool in live poker, with $40,000,000 guaranteed and a buy-in of $10,400. Although the event itself fell a bit short of meeting its guarantee, the WPT World Championship Festival was a roaring success.

There was a host of side events taking place during the festival, including the WPT Prime Championship. The $1,100 event blew its $5,000,000 guarantee out of the water, attracting 10,512 entries.

Although all the details for the 2024 WPT World Championship Festival are still not known, the organizers have made it clear they have big plans for this year, and in the coming months, we can expect to see the full schedule and the information on what this year’s World Championship event guarantee will be.

World Poker Tour Online Qualifiers

Like other major live tours, the WPT offers various opportunities for players to qualify online and win their seats in one of the live events through online satellites.

There are two main platforms offering WPT qualifiers at this time: WPT Global and ClubWPT. WPT Global is a poker app accepting players from many countries around the world, but not open to US players. ClubWPT, on the other hand, caters almost exclusively to those in North America, accepting members from over 40 individual US states.

World Poker Tour Satellites at WPT Global

WPT Global is a real money poker app backed by the World Poker Tour and catering to players from numerous countries worldwide. It is also one of the best destinations for those looking to qualify for WPT and WPT Prime live events.

Every weekend, the operator hosts $110 WPT Prime Passport Qualifiers, giving you a chance to win a $1,500 WPT Prime Passport that you can use for any upcoming event. You must use the Passport to play at a WPT Prime stop, but you get to choose what events you want to participate in, and any leftover funds are credited to your WPT Global account.

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The site also hosts regular satellites to major WPT events, often featuring step qualifiers starting as low as $5, allowing you to build your way through several tournaments and eventually get a package for the target event like WPT Cruise.

Overview of WPT Global Satellite to WPT Live Events

  • Sundays: Weekly $1,060 WPT Passport Qualifier awarding $12,400 WPT Passports
  • Sundays – Weekly $110 WPT Prime Passport Qualifiers awarding $1,500 WPT Prime Passports
  • Event-specific satellites running around the clock

Feeder Events

For those looking to qualify for live events at a discount, WPT Global runs feeder events around the clock. You can start with as little as $1.10 and build your way up to the main qualifier.

Feeders to WPT Prime events:

  • $1.10 tournaments awarding entries into $11 feeder events
  • $11 feeder events awarding seats in the $110 WPT Prime Passport qualifiers

Feeders to WPT events:

  • $5 WPT Passport feeder events awarding tickets to $55 satellites
  • $55 WPT Passport feeders into $220 qualifiers
  • $220 qualifiers awarding tickets to the $1,060 main WPT Passport satellites
WPT Prime Qualifiers WPT Qualifiers
Step 1 $1.10 to $11 satellite $5 to $55 qualifier
Step 2 $11 to $110 main qualifiers S55 to $220 satellite
Step 3 $110 WPT Prime Passport satellite $220 to $1,060 main qualifier
Step 4 N/A $1,060 WPT Passport satellite

ClubWPT Online Satellites

ClubWPT is a membership-based poker site operating on a sweepstakes model, which allows it to accept players from most US states. If you’re from the United States, this is where you can qualify for WPT Live events.

As a ClubWPT member, you’ll have access to the full schedule of tournaments, some of which offer full packages to the upcoming World Poker Tour events. Diamond members get access to exclusive events awarding WPT Live experiences, covering tournament buy-ins, accommodation, and travel expenses.

Diamond Member Exclusive WPT Satellites

Diamond members at ClubWPT get access to a number of exclusive tournaments not available to VIP members. Many of these tournaments offer chances to win WPT and WPT Prime packages, either directly or through the step system where a number of players from each qualifier progresses to the main satellite.

The satellite schedule changes to target the upcoming WPT and WPT Prime live events, but there are some live qualifiers running at all times.

Upcoming Diamond WPT Live satellites:

  • May 25, 6:30 PM ET – $2,500 WPT Prime Championship Passport + $500

Super Saturdays

ClubWPT offers a special type of membership for players who don’t have the time to play a lot but want a shot at qualifying for WPT Live events.

Charged at $100/month, Super Saturdays offer a weekly tournament featuring several WPT and WPT Prime passports, covering tournament entries, travel expenses, and more. As the name suggests, these tournaments take place on Saturdays and are open only to players who have this particular membership option active. The registration starts six days prior to the tournament start.

Upcoming Super Saturdays events:

  • May 25, 7 :00 PM ET: Five (5) WPT Seat Guarantee

Brief History of the WPT Live

The World Poker Tour was established in 2002, starting with a vision of Steven Lipscomb, an attorney and television producer who wanted to create a poker show that would highlight all the excitement of the game. The first season of the WPT aired the next year, in 2003.

The first season of the WPT Live featured a series of high stakes poker tournament at different venues across the United States, with many well-known players like Howard Lederer and Gus Hansen making appearances and leaving their mark.

In the years to follow, the World Poker Tour went from strength to strength, becoming a major live series in the United States and attracting all big-name pros like Daniel Negreanu, Antonio 'The Magician’ Esfandiari, Doyle Brunson, and many more. The legendary duo of Mike Sexton and Vince van Patten provided commentary and helped make the broadcast as exciting for the viewers as it was for those actually playing the game.

After becoming a major name in the United States, the World Poker Tour continued to expand its reach, establishing events in Europe, Asia, and Australia, becoming a truly global brand, not just in the name but in the presence.

In 2022, the tour went a step further, introducing WPT Prime. Running concurrently with the main WPT Live tour, WPT Prime features mid-stakes tournaments, allowing more players to get the full WPT experience. Just like the main tour, WPT Prime has been a great success.

The same year, 2022, saw the debut of the WPT World Championship, a $10k event that featured an unprecedented $15,000,000 guarantee, which was blown out of the water. In 2023, the organizers shocked the poker world, as the 2023 version of the event guaranteed $40,000,000, setting a new record for the largest-ever guarantee in live poker.


What Is the World Poker Tour?

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is one of the biggest live poker tours in existence. Established in 2002 in the US, the WPT has grown into an international series with stops in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia.

What is WPT Prime?

WPT Prime is a mid-stakes tournament tour powered by the World Poker Tour with stops all over the globe. The buy-ins for the main event are usually in the $1,500 region, allowing players to get the full WPT experience without spending thousands of dollars.

Can I qualify online for WPT Live events?

Yes, there are many online qualifiers for WPT Live events. Currently, non-US residents will find WPT qualifiers at WPT Global, while those residing in the US can qualify via ClubWPT.

How old do I have to be to play in a World Poker Tour event?

The age limit for playing in a WPT event is determined by the laws of the country/region where a specific tournament takes place. In the US, it is usually 21+, 18+ in most of Europe, Asia, and Australia, and 18+ or 19+ in Canada.

Are there any WPT Live 2024 events happening in the US?

Yes, there are several World Poker Tour stops already announced for the United States, with more to come in the next half of the year.

Does WPT Live have any events lined up for Europe in 2024?

Currently, there are several WPT Prime stops taking place in Europe in 2024, in France, Slovakia, Italy, and the Netherlands.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500