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Gird Up Your Loins for Aggression #411

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The Mark Hoke Show #86 - Farewell to Inoki, Hunting Wabbits, Jericho Dishonor & Extreme Rules Predictions

It's another fantastic edition of "The Mark Hoke Show" on KDWN 101.5 FM/720 AM Las Vegas and with Mark Hoke and Andrew "Fish" Fain. The duo break down the passing of Japan wrestling legend Antonio Inoki, the WWE White Rabbit teasers and who it could be, Chris Jericho goes after the legacy of Ring of Honor in AEW and predictions for the WWE Extreme Rules premium live event. Thanks for listening!

WILD Hustler Live Stream Drama - DAT Poker Pod Episode #131

0:00 Recapping The Hand and Speculation Of Cheating Between Robbi & Gman 7:30 Daniel's First Take 19:00 Continuing To Break Down Robbi's Logic 22:45 Being Staked By Another Player In The Game (Rip) 25:00 Giving the money back to Garrett (admission of guilt?) 31:30 Exploring Different Ways To Potentially Cheat 40:00 How Sure Are We, Really? Follow @DatPokerPod on Instagram Email: datpokerpod (at) gmail (dot) com Intro/Outro Music By:

Wild Live Stream Controversy Sets Poker World Ablaze

Donnie Peters and Tim Duckworth bring you a new episode of the PokerGO Podcast. While the duo is live from the 2022 Poker Masters, the majority of this episode's discussion is centered around the live stream controversy that has set the poker world ablaze. There is plenty of Poker Masters talk, though. The hosts get you caught up on the latest winners from the series, including interviews with Nick Guagenti and Tony Bloom.

#31 Philosophical Friday: Outbursts

This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas discuss public outbursts and other extreme emotional behaviors in poker. Are they desirable and entertaining or just an inevitable fact of an otherwise highly stressful game? Is letting out steam a lazy response to an uncontrolled instinct? What are our responsibilities as poker players that can contribute towards a better experience as a whole?To learn more about the Free Nuffle promotion, visit: https://freenuffle.comCPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: in a Barrel: Flop ...

Garrett Adelstein vs. Robbi Jade Lew Cheating allegations on Hustler Casino Live Poker Stream

Emergency pod feature Coach Brad & incredible friend of CPG JWIN regarding the cheating allegations leveled at Robbie by Garrett "Gman" Adelstein on Hustler Casino Live.Do we think GMAN got cheated? What do Jay & Coach Brad think should happen in the aftermath? Listen now to find out.

September 30, 2022 - The End of Tanking and a Victory Lap

Clayton discusses the new TDA rules and outlines around the issue of stalling on the bubble in tournaments. Then he revels in the unprecedented glory of his victory in the Killingbird Home Game last week.---Visit


Emergency episode!!! We hopped into the lab to break down the insane Hustler Stream hand between Garrett and Robbi that has taken the world by storm! Did she cheat? Is he being a baby? Why did she refund him? Why do none of her stories add up? But seriously, WHY DID SHE REFUND HIM!?!? The whole thing is fascinating and full of conspiracies. Is she a time traveler? Maybe! Come along for the ride with us, my friends!

CardsChat with Kevin Rabichow

On episode #101 of the CardsChat podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Kevin Rabichow. Kevin is one of the premier coaches in the poker world. But to be a great coach, you obviously should be a great player as well, and he certainly is that. Once known primarily as an online heads-up specialist, he expanded his skills into high-stakes MTT play, which has boosted his combined live and online career winnings to over $5 million. We’re going to chat ...

Ep 417 - Chats: Matt Berkey on learning, misconceptions, and nut flush draws!

This week Jim Reid and the panel interview Matt Berkey, the founder of Solve For Why and a longtime friend of the show. Matt starts by talking about the goals for Solve For Why Academy and how they approach leaning, we get into common misconceptions that recreational player have about the game in the abstract, we discuss applying fold equity as it relates to the strength of your hand, Matt analyzes different hands equities on a common flop texture, and ...

Jaman Burton on loyalty, being immune to embarrassment & how quitting a race shaped his life | Ep: 37

If you follow poker vlogs, then you have no doubt come across The Drawing Dead vlog by Jaman Burton. Burton, who is one the most influential poker vloggers in the space, brings something completely unique to the table in the form of a poker vlog with graphic novel style illustrations woven in. And while it may be nice to gain some recognition within the poker community, Burton shares with Kara that it’s not all roses. Between the pressures of being ...

The Mark Hoke Show #85 Hour 2 - All-Out War Games & A Wild Week in WWE

It's Hour 2 of "The Mark Hoke Show" on KDWN 101.5 FM/720 AM and worldwide! Mark Hoke, Andrew "Fish" Fain and Joe DeFalco take to the airwaves to discuss War Games matches at this year's WWE Survivor Series, Sami Zayn works his way into the Bloodline, Solo Sikoa gets stripped of the NXT North American Championship, Braun Strowman and Otis duking it out, WWE Extreme Rules beginning to shape up, The Brawling Brutes stepping up against the Usos, FSW's ...

Ep 156 - Jake Won A WSOPC Ring, Rampage Calls In To Discuss His $200k PokerMasters Win, And Some Strat Talk + Football

Welcome back! A big week for the podcast as Jake won the WSOP-C NJ Main Event for $50k and a circuit ring, while our friend Rampage beat all the best players out in Vegas in a $10k for $200,000 and a PokerMasters victory. Jake reviews his run to victory, and Rampage calls in to talk about his out in Vegas. Some good strat talk with Jake, plus we talk a little football with Smitty's Eagles taking the world by storm. ...

Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Luciana Morales LK046

Jennifer welcomes Women’s International Master Luciana Morales to Ladies Knight. Luciana is a three-time Continental Champion, the first Peruvian woman to qualify for the Women’s World Champs and an Olympian captain and player. Now hailing from Brownsville, Texas, Luciana works for chessable, where she was recently promoted to Classroom Manager. She goes by “Mom’s Gambit” on social...

Ep 416- Forums: Defending against C-bets with Carlos Welch (part 1 of 2)

This week, Jim Reid and the panel welcome Carlos Welch back to the show to talk some strategy on the Forums edition of the show! While battling it out against each other in the nightly home game, the panel talk to Carlos about some of the basic concepts that we should be thinking about when facing a c-bet, and they find a few rabbit-holes along the way too! Come sign up for a free account at today to see ...

#94 Tactical Tuesday: Trusting Your Intuition

On this week's episode, Coach Brad and Jon break down two hands that Coach Brad recently played during his monthly stream. Both times Coach Brad had a feeling in his gut that swayed him to deviate from "standard play." Will Coach Brad's gut lead him astray?To learn more about the Free Nuffle promotion, visit: CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: in a Barrel: Flop Leads:

Adam Hendrix Beats Nate Silver at Poker Masters

Donnie Peters and Tim Duckworth recap the latest tournament to conclude from the 2022 Poker Masters. With his family on the rail at the PokerGO Studio, PokerGO Tour regular Adam Hendrix topped Nate Silver in Event #4.

The Easy Way to Become a 3bet Bluffer #410

👊 Get the FREE PDF - Find More 3bet Bluffs Visit the show notes page for a transcript of today's episode: The Poker Forge The Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4 Daily Poker Tips Podcast Books on Amazon

The Mark Hoke Show #85 - AEW Rising From The Ashes & WWE Not Playing Nice

It's Hour 1 of this week's edition of "The Mark Hoke Show" on KDWN 101.5 FM/720 AM Las Vegas and! Mark Hoke and Andrew "Fish" Fain kick off Sunday discussing the major WWE/AEW tampering scandal involving Malakai Black, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, Swerve Strickland & FTR, the Great AEW Reset at the Arthur Ashe show, Chris Jericho winning the Ring of Honor World Championship from Claudio Castagnoli, The Acclaimed winning the AEW World Tag Team titles from ...