Ivey League: Phil Ivey Poker Training Coming Soon
Key Takeaways
  • IveyPoker will shortly launch Ivey League, a subscription based training site.
  • IveyPoker bought Leggo poker is February.

IveyPoker has posted the news that the Ivey League will be launched soon. According to the website, where players can sign up for an email notification of the launch, “Ivey League will help you learn to play poker with live play videos and in-depth poker theory presentations.”

The Ivey Poker news post is more enthusiastic: “Ivey League has assembled some of poker’s greatest minds in an effort to teach players of all levels how to win. Our coaches cover every aspect of the game and their diverse training styles will offer something for players at all skill levels.”

The site will feature strategy content from Phil Ivey himself as well as Patrik Antonius, Aaron Jones and Cole South.

Ivey Poker launched a social poker app in September and bought training site Leggo Poker in February. Ivey League will expand upon the Leggo offering.