Garden City Group Issues $14 Million in New Round of Payments

Garden City Group (GCG) released a statement Thursday communicating that it has issues a new round of payments to over 3,200 Full Tilt Poker petitioners in the amount of roughly $14,000,000.

The new round of payments were sent to former US Full Tilt Poker players who confirmed their FTP balances.

Some affiliates who confirmed their account balances also received payments, according to the GCG.

The GCG included a warning in their June 12 statement that Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments may take several business days to arrive.

Those who were notified that their bank account information is incorrect or incomplete have until June 25 to rectify the issue.

Individuals who have an outstanding government debt must complete and submit a Unified Financial Management System Vendor Request Form to the GCG no later than July 5.

As a result of Thursday’s payments, approximately $95 million in remission payments have been made to former US Full Tilt Poker players who were adversely affected following Black Friday.

There are still significant groups of players who have yet to receive any payments from the GCG. Those include players with disputed balances and those deemed Full Tilt Poker Pros.

Garden City Group has previously informed those players that their petitions will be handed over to the US government for potential approval.

However, an official statement on whether those balances will be reimbursed has not surfaced as of yet.