Garden City Group

Today is the last day for former US-based Full Tilt players to file a petition to be reimbursed for money on account when the site close down in 2011. Both affiliates and pros that were previously restricted under the terms set forth by the claims administrator must adhere to the deadline.

“After September 3, the filing portion of this website will no longer be available and Petitions will no longer be accepted,” according to the Garden City Group (GCG).

As of today the GCG has authorized over $110 million in reimbursement payments to US players who were affected by events surrounding Black Friday since the remissions process began in February of this year.

However, some petitioners that disputed their balances are still awaiting clarification while certain individuals categorized as “professionals” or “Red Pros” will be reimbursed some time later this year, according to the GCG.

Players that believe that they are owed money from Full Tilt Poker are encouraged to begin the claim process today at in order to be eligible to receive a refund.

Whether you agree with your balance on file, or dispute it, your petition must be on file with the claims administrator by the end of today. Individuals in the US who urgently need to confirm their Full Tilt Poker balances can do so by following the step-by-step instructions.