Dutch Players Face Financial Blocks on Banks, Payment Processors by Spring Dutch Players Face Financial Blocks on Banks, Payment Processors by Spring
Soroll, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License

Dutch plans to block online poker players using credit card and other payment methods are expected to be in place by Spring. The Dutch Gaming Authority (DGA) is currently making agreements with financial services companies to implement the new arrangements.

Dutch players currently face few problems getting money onto or off online poker sites, but this will be much more difficult when the new agreements are implemented. Similarly, Dutch players are not blocked from accessing dot-com poker sites even though the DGA says that the sites are offering services illegally.

The intention to enter into the agreements was announced in the middle of February, but Dutch Secretary of Security and Justice, Fred Teeven’s answers to parliamentary questions suggest an implementation date earlier than expected.

In a written response, Tevven said: “There is an agreement in preparation between the Gaming Authority and financial services, which makes it possible to block payments to the provider of illegal gambling.” New laws which will liberalize gambling in the Netherlands are not expected to be implemented until mid to late 2015.

The DGA has been actively establishing procedures for reducing the ability of operators without a Dutch license to target the market. It recently set out its priorities for targeting operators in breach of the current laws—the notice came at the same time that fines of €150,000 were imposed on Mansion Poker’s owners for offering gambling illegally.