Garden City Group

Additional payments will be made to US players that were unable to withdraw their account balances following the events of Black Friday three years ago.

The Garden City Group announced on Wednesday that approximately 1,000 claimants that had their cases reviewed by government officials but were not “approved for remission due to obviously incorrect or incomplete information” will have their updated petitions resubmitted for approval in the “coming weeks.”

An email informing these claimants of their approval will go out shortly before the distribution of funds, which will take place “by the end of May,” according to the GCG.

The GCG has also announced that it will send other petitions out to the government for approval, including those that missed previous deadlines for filling, those that withdrew a disputed or duplicate claim, and affiliates that confirmed their account balance.

These payments are expected to be made by the end of July.

There is currently no timeline for payments to those that have disputed their balances on file with the GCG or those that have been classified as “Pros.”

The first payments to US victims of Full Tilt Poker were issued at the end of February. A second group of payments was issued earlier this month.

In total, $81 million has been returned to Full Tilt players in the United States.