Garden City Group

The Garden City Group announced on Thursday that petitioners that confirmed their Full Tilt Poker account balance in a timely manner may start to see zero-dollar transactions hit their bank accounts as soon as February 13.

The GCG cautions petitioners that the test transactions are a part of the standard process in preparation for payment via ACH transfers.

It also warned that some banks do not publish zero-balance transactions, so you should “not be concerned if you do not receive such a notice and believe you are eligible to receive payment in the upcoming initial distribution.”

Late last month, the GCG confirmed that the first round of payments for victims of Full Tilt Poker would be made by the end of February.

In January, the GCG sent petition information to 8,400 former affiliates of Full Tilt Poker. Those affiliates have until March 1 to file for remission.

A review of the eligibility of former Full Tilt Pros is still ongoing. An announcement regarding the Pros is expected in the coming weeks, after which those deemed eligible will have 30 days to file their claims.

The GCG continues to encourage those that believe they have a valid claim to file a petition for reimbursement on their website.