Judge Orders Delay in Black Friday Defendant Chad Elie’s Prison Reporting

Chad Elie has prison reporting date delayed

Legal counsel for Black Friday defendant and online payment processor Chad Elie has convinced the sentencing judge in Elie’s case, Lewis A. Kaplan, to recommend to New York state prison authorities that Elie’s five-month sentence be served in less severe prison surroundings than the “prison camp within a maximum-security prison” originally designated in Elie’s sentencing obstructions.

Kaplan’s order, dated January 2, 2013, also delays Elie’s reporting date from January 7 to January 28 to allow prison officials to consider the court’s recommendation.

Elie was sentenced in early Novermber to a five-month term to be served at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, also known as MDC Brooklyn. The actual prison camp where Elie was to serve his sentence is designated as minimum security, but is within the confines of the larger MDC Brooklyn facility, and offers less priveleges than other minimum-security facilities.

The restriction of inmates’ family members to visitation only on weekends was among the factors cited by Elie in a written plea to Judge Kaplan dated December 27.

Kaplan reacted favorably to Elie’s plea, and issued the reporting delay and a recommendation for Elie to serve his five-month term at the Taft Correctional Institution in California (CI Taft), to allow for easier visitation by Elie’s family. That family includes his wife, former Playmate model Destiny Davis.

The latest order and recommendation was also forwarded to US marshals who assist in the transfer and placement of prisoners.

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