Odd Oddsen Challenges Norway’s Politicians to a Heads Up Match and Gets a Taker
Key Takeaways
  • Norwegian Progress Party politician has accepted a challenge by “Odd Oddsen” to play heads up for one million Kroner.
  • Oddsen issued the freeroll challenge to any Norwegian politician to promote legalisation of online poker.
  • Erlend Wiborg has accepted the challenge because he and his party support market liberalization.

Online poker is currently banned in Norway, so high stakes heads up PLO specialist Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsrud publicly offered to play 10k hands against any Norwegian politician to prove that poker is a game of skill. To his surprise, Erlend Wiborg has accepted.

Under the terms of the challenge, Amundsrud would pay one million Norwegian Kroner ($170k) to his challenger should that politician best him at the poker table, and Fremskrittspartiets (Progress Party) politician Erlend Wiborg decided the chance was not one to pass up.

“Ola Amundsgård is known as one of the absolute best poker players in Norway… Probably I’m an easy opponent for John Amundsrud, but I accept the challenge….” Wiborg explained that both he and the Progress Party support legalizing poker and that he and Odd Oddsen should get together and focus “on the need for legalization then we’ll see who wins.”

Playing 10k hands of heads up PLO on one table could take around 150 hours, and currently the two would need to play outside Norway to stick strictly within the law.

Early last month the government coalition said that it would look at liberalizing online gaming laws to permit online poker and internet gambling provision from overseas operators.