Sportingbet Confirms Spanish Tax Settlement

Sportingbet is the latest operator to fall in-line with the demands of the Spanish Tax Authority, confirming in a financial statement Tuesday that it too had completed a self-assessment and agreed to pay €17.2m in order to gain access to the Spanish market in June.

It comes a day after did the same, agreeing to a €31m figure.

The payment by Sportingbet, who operates in Spain under Miapuesta, will “maximises the likelihood of securing a Spanish eGaming licence,” according to the statement. The first licenses will be issued on June 1.

With weeks to go, last minute demands from the Spanish tax man raised fresh doubts over which operators would receive a license.

Unsurprisingly, the self-assessed tax liabilities are significantly lower than the numbers originally floated by the Spanish Tax Authority.

PokerStars is yet to make a formal announcement, although a settlement is very likely—it is expected to be significantly less than the €200m originally demanded.