US Full Tilt Affiliates Can Now Claim Poker Money

Those that were registered with Full Tilt Poker as affiliates are now able to submit a claim to be considered for remission, according to the Garden City Group.

Until now, affiliates were among those groups that were excluded from participating in the remissions process put in place by the US Department of Justice to reimburse victims of Full Tilt Poker after it was discovered that the site did not have sufficient funds to cover player deposits. Other groups that remain ineligible include, past or present employees and members of Team Full Tilt.

Affiliates that meet the standard eligibility requirements will be entitled to claim “the portion of [their] account balance that relates to poker transactions.”

Many affiliates were paid through their online poker accounts. Only the portion of their balance that was related to actual poker play can be claimed.

Once the GCG receives the required information from Full Tilt regarding affiliate accounts, it will email the owners of those accounts with the appropriate credentials and instructions for filling a petition. After which, affiliates will have 30 days to submit the petition.

According to the GCG website: “The filing process for Affiliates will not delay the processing or payment of other Petitions for Remission.”

Non-affiliate petitioners should have received their credentials and instructions via email and have until November 16 to file their petitions. Following that deadline, the GCG will review all “confirmed, disputed and new” petitions using criteria provided by the Department of Justice.

Those that believe they are entitled to participate in the remissions process but did not receive the proper credentials from the GCG can file a new petition at the GCG website.