GGPoker's Monster March: Huge Promotions, New Games, Jackpots and Omaha Changes GGPoker's Monster March: Huge Promotions, New Games, Jackpots and Omaha Changes

In the space of just a few years, GGPoker has established itself as one of the market leaders in the online poker space. Their rise has resulted in a plethora of promotions and the operator will give away a new record $9.3 million in promotions in March 2021.

GGPoker has also upped their daily leaderboards for the Spin & Gold jackpot. Along with the introduction of a new high-stakes buy-in, new time-limited jackpot prizes have been introduced. Furthermore, players can now look forward to a daily leaderboard in the popular Flip & Go tournament format and changes to the Omaha games have been made as well.

It is the far biggest give-away by GGPoker and topples the previous record of $7.5 million in February 2021 for several reasons.

GGPoker: March 2021 highlights

  • $9.3 million in promotional giveaways
  • New $200 Spin & Gold and limited boosted jackpots
  • $50,000 in Spin & Gold Daily Leaderboards
  • New Daily $5,000 Flip & Go Leaderboard
  • New All-in or Fold Omaha stakes and changes to Omaha tournaments
  • Super MILLION$ Week with $30 million in guarantees

First, the three extra days in March means more daily leaderboard prizes being paid out compared to February.

However. beyond that, the Spin & Gold daily leaderboards have been boosted significantly and the new Flip & Go leaderboard also provides additional value to players.

Last but not least, the improved Daily Freebie promotion now awards more prizes throughout the week and UK players are now eligible to claim them.

All other promotions continue business as usual to give cash game players plenty of reasons to join the action—no matter what stake they prefer. On top of all that, GGPoker has also launched one of its most ambitious High Roller festivals to make it a month to remember.

Daily Cash Game Leaderboards for all Formats

Spread among 14 leaderboards for Hold’em and Omaha, a total of $1.3 million in leaderboard prizes will be awarded for the Rush & Cash tables. Those who prefer regular tables can also win extra cash on the Texas Hold’em, PLO, or Short Deck Hold’em tables as all daily leaderboards remain unchanged.

  • Rush & Cash: $40,000 in leaderboard prizes daily
  • Hold’em: $20,000 in leaderboard prizes daily
  • Omaha: $20,000 in leaderboard prizes daily
  • Short Deck: $10,000 in leaderboard prizes daily

Every stake level has its own separate leaderboard and the number of points you accumulate each day is based on the action clicks during each hand. The happy hour with a 1.5x multiplier for all points continues as well and takes place from 7am to 9am CET, during the final two hours of the daily qualifying period.

All-in or Fold Bonus, GGCare Flipouts and Honeymoon Promotions Continue

The daily bonus of one buy-in for playing 100 hands on the All-in or Fold tables continues for yet another month. Once 100 hands for the same stake have been played, one buy-in will automatically get credited to the account. Five new Omaha stakes have been introduced to boost the value of the promotion to $3 million.

Unlucky cash game players will have a shot at redemption in the GGCare Flipouts. The daily $30,000 Freeroll takes place 45 minutes after the end of the leaderboard reset. Participants won’t need to be logged in to receive their share in C$, as the top 25% of the field gets paid.

Besides the Daily Freebie, new players can also boost their bankroll thanks to the Honeymoon promotion. In order to be eligible for up to $300 in value, new players have to opt-in within seven days after their first log-in. They will receive daily missions to unlock Spin & Gold tickets, cash prizes, and T$.

Now that all the existing promotions are taken care of, let’s have a look at all the new features, games, and changes.

New $200 Spin & Gold introduced; Daily Leaderboards increase to $50,000

“Over the last few months, GGPoker players have asked us to introduce additional Spin & Gold buy-in levels,” said Paul Burke, Head of Public Relations at GGPoker. “We do our best to fulfill these kinds of requests, and the launch of a new $200 buy-in is proof of that!”

The new $200 buy-in level has also resulted in an increase of the Daily Leaderboards, which went from $30,000 in prizes to $50,000 every day. Those are spread across nine stakes and the new high-stakes tier will split $15,000 in prizes while the $100 stake will pay out $10,000 in daily leaderboard prizes for up to 20 winners.

Limited Time Spin & Gold Jackpots up to $2 Million

The new high-stakes jackpot SNG also comes with other exciting news. Back in 2019, PokerStars and partypoker went back and forth to set new records for the jackpot SNG format. Partypoker went as high as $2 million for the biggest jackpot, while PokerStars even upped it to $3 million.

Late in November 2019, German player “Donk3399” became the first player to hit a $2 million prize in a $5 Spin & Go. Both operators have since scaled down the top prizes and currently offer four jackpot SNG with a top prize of up to $1 million.

With the introduction of the new $200 buy-in, GGPoker has also announced new time-limited jackpots and a new top prize for each tier. The $100 stake awarded up to $1.2 million—now that amount increases to a massive $2 million. Furthermore, the jackpots for the $1 and $10 stake will also be boosted for a limited time.

Limited time Spin & Gold Jackpots:

  • $1 buy-in ($100,000)
  • $10 buy-in ($1,000,000)
  • $100 buy-in ($2,000,000)

For all Spin & Gold with a buy-in of $5 and higher, the blind levels will be slowed down. This change has been implemented to provide players with more play for significant prize pools.

Daily $5,000 Leaderboards for Flip & Go introduced

The Flip & Go format was introduced on GGPoker in January 2021 and has quickly become one of the most popular game types.

Within a few days, the tournaments were switched to take place every 30 minutes and the buy-in amounts were adjusted. The overall feedback was very positive, which prompted GGPoker to enable an additional daily leaderboard.

“Our players have really taken to Flip & Go, we’ve been thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to it,” Burke added. “We’re happily adding some more value by rolling out a new Flip & Go leaderboard, with $5,000 up for grabs each day during March.”

The new daily $5,000 leaderboard will be spread among all four available stakes. Players earn points for every buy-in they start with and will earn extra points based on the first flip bonus. By playing with the maximum of eight buy-ins and receiving the straight flush 4x bonus multiplier, a maximum of 40 leaderboard points can be earned in each Flip & Go.

Changes to Omaha Games on GGPoker

Omaha games have already been quite popular on GGPoker and will gain more presence in the poker client from now on. On Friday, February 26, five new All-in or Fold Omaha stakes will be implemented. As a result, the All-in or Fold daily prizes promotion will give out more prizes as of March 2021.

The new AoF Omaha stakes in question are as follows: $0.10/$0.20, $0.20/$0.40, $0.50/$1, $2/$4 and $5/$10.

A representative of the operator also confirmed on the GGPoker discord server that Omaha will be launched for the Spin & Gold jackpot SNG format. Furthermore, the operator is introducing a new variant that will be played as Pot-Limit variant preflop and switches to No-Limit after the flop. This new style will be tried out in an Omaha Series coming in the next few weeks.

High Stakes Festival Puts Cherry on Top

The biggest month of promotional giveaways will also be highlighted by the Super MILLION$ Week from February 28 until March 7. GGPoker guarantees $30 million during the high-stakes festival, which features buy-ins ranging between $108 and $25,500. Certainly, the highlight of the festival is the $10,300 Super MILLION$ with a huge guarantee of $10 million.

All in all, March will be an incredibly busy month for poker players on GGPoker as the operator continues to gain a foothold in the market.