GGPoker's New Innovative Flip & Go Tournaments Are Now Live GGPoker's New Innovative Flip & Go Tournaments Are Now Live

Continuing its trend of developing new ways to keep its players engaged, GGPoker unveils yet another innovative product dubbed Flip & Go.

Flip & Go is the operator’s unique tournament offering in which players flip every hand until they are eliminated or make it in the money, thus removing most pre-bubble play and getting players straight into the action.

The way the game works is that the entire field registered in the tournament is all-in until one player remains at each table. The survivors from each table are reseated moving immediately into the next round where every player is guaranteed a payout.

The tournament from there proceeds as normal with a standard betting structure, blinds increasing every 5 minutes, and players resuming with the chips they won at their first table.

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Flipout Tournament with Added Twists

The format is reminiscent of Full Tilt Poker's Flipout tournaments introduced in 2014, except that GG’s version comes with added twists.

Instead of making the flipout round decision-free, every player in Flip & Go is dealt three cards and they must discard one. Players will have 30 seconds to make the decision, and if no selection is made, the system will automatically discard the lowest card dealt.

Every player can see each other’s hole cards, thus adding a very thin layer of strategy as to which hole card to discard.

Additionally, players can choose their own starting stack at the start of the tournament ranging from one stack to a maximum of ten. Each stack costs one buy-in. The bigger the stack, the higher chance of reaching the money but with added cost.

And lastly, to make the flip stage even more exciting, there is a free side bonus, allowing players the chance to win extra stacks based on their hole cards. For instance, a player will receive 1x their starting stack if they are dealt a three-card straight; 2x for a flush; 3x if they hit three-of-a-kind and 4x if dealt a straight flush.

Flip Bonus Starting stack multiplier
Straight 1x
Flush 2x
Three of a card 3x
Straight flush 4x

“If you want to get straight to the hottest action in a tournament, then Flip & Go is for you,” said Daniel Negreanu, GGPoker ambassador.

“Get flipping with a standard stack or super-size your chips from the start; the choice is yours! There are extra stacks on offer during the flipout and a standard game gets underway once you’re in the money.”

Flip & Go’s Scheduled to Run Every Half Hour

Flip & Gos are currently scheduled to run every thirty minutes, though initially it was slated to run every hour. The game is available in four different buy-ins starting at one cent and going up to $25. Each of them is played 8-handed, with the final table featuring 9 players.

Each of the Flip & Go tournaments promises a guarantee, even during quiet periods. In total, $3055 is guaranteed every half hour, or almost $150,000 a day, and they will need between 100 and 500 total entries in order to cover them.

No tournament fee is charged at the lowest buy-in available (one cent) while for the other buy-ins, the operator charges between 5% and 6.7%.

Buy-in Maximum Entry Rake Guarantee Guarantee in buy-ins
$0.01 $0.10 Rake-free $5 500
$0.15 $1.50 $0.01 (6.7%) $50 333
$2.00 $20 $0.10 (5%) $500 250
$25 $250 $1.25 (5%) $2500 100

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Flip & Go At a Glance:

  • Flipout tournament with some skill involved
  • Goes straight into the action thus providing a quickfire way to make the money
  • Game is played 8-handed and is a Pineapple variant, meaning players are dealt three cards and must discard one before the flop
  • Players can choose their own starting stack ranging from 1x the buy-in to 10x
  • Side Bonus available giving players extra stacks for stronger hole cards
  • Tournament fees range from 5% to 6.7%; rake-free at the lowest buy-in (1 cent)
  • Almost $150,000 in prize money guaranteed every day

Flip & Go is the operator’s second innovative product already this year.

Recently, GGPoker launched GGCare, a feature that gives some money back to “unlucky” players. Every day, the operator runs a GGCare flipout freeroll with $30,000 worth of prizes – a similar mechanism used in Flip & Go except that players are all-in on every hand until there is a winner.

The number of chips a player receives is based on how unlucky the player was, a score determined by “a proprietary big-data algorithm.” In short, the more unlucky a player is, the bigger the starting stack he or she will receive.