New Mobile Features Part of 888poker's Latest Software Updates New Mobile Features Part of 888poker's Latest Software Updates

The Poker 8 software release has been in use across the 888poker global landscape for more than a year now, but tweaks are always ongoing to make the experience as good as it can be. To that end, 888poker recently announced some new features to the software on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Back in 2019, 888poker began the process of rolling out a replacement for its venerable software platform. The new software, Poker 8, which started rolling out to the world in April of 2019 and has gone through several upgrades since then, is a complete revamp of the lobby and game play experience for 888poker.

While the Poker 8 software is yet to come to 888poker’s oldest markets in the US—the New Jersey/Nevada/Delaware WSOP/888poker US Network—the latest WSOP PA client was launched on 888poker’s latest software platform. That early July launch gave American players their first look at the new software.

As with all new software, there are always tweaks to be made. Among the latest upgrades are a new Floating Winner Spinner on mobile, as well as sticky tournaments and new emoji options.

New Features at a Glance

The latest upgrades have new features for both desktop and mobile clients. Some of the new features apply to both platforms, while others are specific to one or the other.

  • Show Satellites filter: New to the PC client, the Show Satellites feature is a tick box to include or remove satellite games from the lobby view.
  • Sticky Tournaments: The biggest and most popular games are now pinned to the top of the main tournament lobby for easy access on both platforms.
  • Customized emoji panel: Up your emoji game with reactive emojis and both platforms. The available fun emojis are customized for player position in game, changing as the game progresses.
  • Floating Winner Spinner: This mobile-only feature floats the Winner Spinner feature on the screen, meaning players will never miss another free spin.

The new features run the gamut from technical upgrades to the tournament lobby through fun, extra features designed to highlight 888poker games and environment. The new filter and sticky features will improve the game selection experience of most tournament players.

The new emoji and spinner upgrades seem more aimed at fun and promotion. An emoji selection tailored to game position should increase the fun of emojis at the table, which has recently been a growing development on the sidelines of poker clients lately.

From special emojis to throwables, there has been a real move lately to jazz up the user experience for online poker clients. Nearly every major operator has some form or combination of special emojis, animated emotes, or throwables now, so the new addition for 888poker brings them more in line with platforms like GGPoker with it’s customized, animated ambassador emotes, or partypoker's animated emojis.

The latest upgrades to the 888poker’s Poker 8 software are more tweaks than full feature upgrades, but they should go some way towards making the experience of playing easier and more fun.