PokerTracker 4 Adds PokerStars Zoom Poker Support PokerTracker 4 Adds PokerStars Zoom Poker Support

PokerTracker 4, the next generation of PokerTracker tracking software currently in private beta testing, has pushed out an update to testers that includes support for Zoom Poker. Zoom support will track hands played as well as overlay a HUD on Zoom tables.

Zoom Poker is PokerStars’ take on the “fast moving” ring game poker variant popularized by Full Tilt’s Rush Poker. It is currently in public testing for play money and is expected to open for real money cash games on the main site in a week.

PokerTracker 4 is the next major upgrade to the PokerTracker suite of tools for tracking and analyzing online poker play. It was originally slated for a late 2011 release and but was later pushed back to an “early” 2012 release.

The update today is one of the biggest since testing began. Along with Zoom, it now supports Microgaming anonymous tables – tracking hands and overlaying a session-only HUD – and over 100 other fixes and improvements. Thanking testers for their participation, support stated that PT4 is “nearly ready” for a full public beta. Pokerfuse has also been informed that the new “community” feature – the opening screen of PT4 that will display a “community portal” – is also expected to be rolled out shortly.

Although still in private beta, response from testers has been broadly positive. In an exclusive in-depth hands-on preview back in December, Paul Hoppe complemented the new user interface and “boatload” of new features.

Hold’em Manager, PokerTracker’s primary competitor, released its next generation tracker HM2 back in November.

Tracking support will certainly interest a lot of high volume players looking to move some of their play to Zoom Poker when it goes live, allowing them to track their play as well get stats reads on their players during the game. Although it took a couple of months after launch, both PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager added HUD support to Full Tilt’s Rush Poker.