PTR Link Gives Players Control Over Their Profiles

Poker Table Ratings has launched PTR Link, a new feature which allows players to manage their PTR profile. The feature is still in beta test, but PTR has plans to expand it to include extended profile customization and personal privacy settings.

PTR Link is enabled for Party Poker, OnGame, iPoker, Merge, and Cake networks.

The beta version allows players to upload an image for use as an avatar, and to moderate comments made by other players on their profile. Users’ moderating comments will then appear under their screen name rather than their PTR user name.

The indication that future features will affect privacy settings may imply that players will be able to opt-in or opt-out at some level. The absence of this feature is one of the main objections that PokerStars has to PTR’s operations.

PTR has announced its intention to comply fully with PokerStars’ terms and conditions:

“As many of you know, PokerStars requested that we change our poker results pages for their players. We have fully agreed to do so and are already making the changes necessary to be entirely within their terms and conditions for 3rd party websites.

Our goal is to be a positive influence on the online poker community for players and brands alike, a place where poker players from all levels, stakes, and backgrounds can come and enjoy the features we offer.”

How to set up PTR Link

Players registered with PTR can activate PTR Link by visiting their player profile and clicking on the “Link this Profile” button.

PTR will send a unique set of instructions which involve sitting at a table with a precise stack size, for example, to sit at a $10 No Limit table with a stack of $6.36.

When PTR has tracked that you have done this, the PTR account will be linked to that screen name and players can then use the PTR Link features.

Unfortunately when Pokerfuse attempted to test PTR Link the instructions involved sitting at a table with less than the minimum buy in, so there are still some glitches to be ironed out.