Win Cake Players Report Partial Processing of Cashouts

A few Win Cake players who post on the forums have reported a slight improvement in the site’s cashout process recently.

Last month, TwoPlusTwo member “wyvo” informed the community that Win Cake—a skin on the Revolution Gaming Network—has committed to disbursing his pending cashout requests in weekly payments.

“I have moaned at them for [the] last 2 months since they sent me $1500 of my $10k withdrawal and canceled the rest [after a 7 month wait] wyvo explained.

“I received another $1k of my new $10k [...] a couple days ago but this time they haven’t stopped the other $9k it’s still pending and have told me they are going to pay me out each week but who knows! At least getting somewhere,” wyvo continued.

Since that May 4 post, wyvo reported that he threatened to file a law suit in his email communication with Win Cake Support. He has received two subsequent weekly payouts for $1,000 each.

Another poster who goes by the monicker “Frenkl” reported a May 21 partial cashout receipt of $1,000 after he sent an email threatening legal action. “I have sent a similar e-mail as wyvo yesterday and surprisingly I’ve received 1000$ out of my 10k this morning,” reported Frenkl.

However, two other posters: “johny07” and “mastaAce” apparently have not had success after sending similar emails.

Backlog of Cake Win Withdrawals

In spite of the very limited good news, other players have yet to receive any portion of cashout requests that were submitted over one year ago.

TwoPlusTwo member “DonCoelhone” posted recently, “It’s so incredible to me that even though it’s been over a year since Cake basically stopped paying, you still see several hundred (if not thousands) players logging in regularly and playing poker like it’s all business as usual.”

On May 20, “Ivanhoe” added, “Today is my official 1 year anniversery of my pending 10k cashout. So much rage. Wow.”

Due to the issues surrounding Win Cake cashout requests, some players have been selling their balances to a third party at a discount. A May 7 transaction agreement offered $14,680 in Win Cake funds for a $2,800 payment—roughly $0.19 on the dollar.

Background Info

Win Cake is part of the Revolution Gaming Network. Cake Poker was to be acquired by Lock Poker in 2012; with the result being a re-branding to the Revolution Gaming Network, but the acquisition was never finalized.

Lock parted ways with Revolution late last year in order to form its own platform. Cash game seat traffic on Revolution has declined well over 50% since that time.

According to PokerScout, the network currently ranks 41 out of 80 online poker networks worldwide and 6 out of 12 among international sites that accept US players.