PokerStars Reverses FPP Satellite Policy

PokerStars has reversed its recent decision to stop players from unregistering from events won through satellites purchased with frequent player points.

The policy reversion comes into effect today.

Last week, pokerfuse revealed how PokerStars was preventing players from unregistering from tournaments won through FPP satellites.

This “loophole” allowed players to get maximum value from their FPP points. By winning satellites then unregistering from the target events, players would unlock T$ (PokerStars’ tournament dollars)—which could then be sold as close to face-value.

The system was a common way for players to convert their points into dollars at rates normally reserved to players at PokerStars’ highest VIP tier.

Policy Reversion

“Over the last two months PokerStars has gradually introduced a requirement that FPP satellite winners must play the first seat won to a given target,” a representative from the online poker room’s tournament team explained over the weekend.

“We are now reversing this change. By Monday, 21 July, winners of FPP satellites will be able to unregister from the target once again.”

The reason for the original policy change was, to “ensure that satellites are achieving their intended purpose, to help players qualify for tournaments that they might not otherwise play,” the representative explained.

Unintended Consequence

Two issues arose which prompted PokerStars to revisit the policy.

Firstly, a bug on the mobile client meant that a warning to players about the inability to unregister did not appear.

Secondly, the change had “an additional substantial, but unintended, negative impact on the value of VIP rewards for a subset of players,” it was explained.

The online poker room does plan to revisit the issue, and that “it is likely that satellite winners will be required to play in the target (or similar) event” within the next year.

However, it will be implemented in such a way that FPP redemption value “will not be as significantly impacted,” it was assured.