The much-awaited “new, unique variant” from 888poker is finally making its way into the client, pokerfuse can reveal.

Although the game has yet to be officially announced, pokerfuse can reveal that the game has been renamed to “Pick’em8” after initially being announced as “Pik’em” during the investors call in late September.

The game has been described as “a fun, fast & strategic game,” and based on its further description discovered by pokerfuse, it seems that it will be a poker-themed casino game since it will not involve playing against other opponents directly but against the house instead.

888’s description of the new game states, “we’re pleased to introduce our exciting new game, Pick’em8, An enjoyable game with no direct opponents, it’s a great chance to multiply your bet in just a few minutes!”

Pick’em8 will soon become available on 888’s poker client and will have its tab available next to BLAST—the operator’s lottery-based Sit & Go game. At the time of launch, players will have two options for buy-ins: $0.25 and $1. Each of the buy-ins will display its prize pool which will be updated in real-time. The more players that join the table, the bigger the prize pool will be.

Once players join the game, they will be presented with a selection of eight cards. Players will then have to pick two cards as their hole cards and click on the “PICK’EM” button to confirm and lock in their selection. In case a player does not select or lock their two hole cards by the time the game starts, his/her cards will be automatically selected by the system.

Once players pick their two cards, the game starts and five community cards are revealed. Those cards will then be combined with the two selected hole cards to make the best Texas Hold’em poker hand. Players with the strongest hand will share the prize pool.

“A new round starts at least every few minutes, so players can jump in pretty much whenever they want,” the description of the game continues. “It’s a fantastic game if you want some high-speed action or simply a fun way to pass a few minutes while waiting for your next poker tournament to start.”

It is not entirely clear in which markets the game will deployed. It will require approval in regulated markets which could delay deployment in those jurisdictions.

The game is reminiscent of PokerStars’ popular progressive jackpot mini-game called The Deal. In that game too, players play not against their opponents but against the house. Players are randomly dealt seven cards face down and are given the option to discard two cards. Once players discard two cards, the five-card poker hand is then revealed to the player. The higher the hand strength, bigger the prizes.

However, in the Deal, players can enter the game through StarsCoins (loyalty points) only. Also, the game involves a progressive jackpot prize which grows every time someone plays the game until the jackpot is hit.

Pick’em8 by 888poker is expected to go live on 888poker client any day now.