Exclusive: Partypoker Introduces Social Currency in its New Mobile Client Exclusive: Partypoker Introduces Social Currency in its New Mobile Client

partypoker released a completely overhauled mobile client today, and while the most apparent difference from its former mobile client and the mobile clients of the other leading online poker rooms is its new portrait orientation, one of the other features drawing attention is its new social currency, Diamonds.

Players can accumulate Diamonds by just doing the things they normally do during the course of playing on the app, and they can spend them to elevate their playing experience.

How to Earn Diamonds

Currently, players can earn Diamonds simply by playing hands in the new mobile client, but party plans on introducing more ways for players to earn its new social currency. In what players might recognize as “missions,” party intends to award Diamonds when players achieve certain goals.

Expect to see Diamonds distributed when players perform simple acts such as flopping top pair or getting dealt suited connectors a certain number of times. However, expect the operator to be careful about the types of missions it establishes to earn Diamonds, as it will not want to encourage behavior that runs afoul of responsible gaming measures.

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How to Spend Diamonds

Players can use the Diamonds they earn to add some fun to their poker playing experience including throwing items at their opponents. Each item will cost 1 Diamond and the toss will have cool new animations and sound effects. To throw something at another player, simply select their avatar and a list of potential items you can throw will appear. partypoker mobile

Another way to spend your Diamonds is to use another new feature of the upgraded mobile client—Rabbit. More commonly known as “rabbit hunting,” Rabbit allows players to peek at the remaining cards that were not dealt in the hand. The cost to Rabbit will depend on how far the hand has played out, with rabbiting the River card costing 1 Diamond while seeing the remaining cards at the flop is scheduled to cost 3 Diamonds.

Just like with earning Diamonds, for now, players can only spend them while using the new mobile client.

“The new lobby and portrait table for SPINS with new and exciting features, such as the ability to throw things at opponents and view rabbit cards, aims to provide our customers with a more fun and engaging playing experience,” said Head of Product at partypoker, Ross McQuater in the press release announcing the new milestone. “This is just one of many updates that will be delivered in the coming months as we overhaul our mobile proposition,” McQuater continued.

Beyond introducing a social currency that can be used to throw items at your opponents or look at the next cards that would have been dealt if the hand continued, party is demonstrating its commitment to improving the mobile experience for its customers with other fun interactive features.

partypoker mobile

The new mobile client features a new chat mechanism that allows players to choose from a set of predefined messages. There is also a collection of emojis that can be sent to other players at the table.

There have also been improvements made to the in-game dialogues. One example is a new congratulatory image that depicts a tournament winner’s avatar alongside a big shinny trophy.

Future plans for ways to spend Diamonds include buying new themes.

“This app changes the poker experience for the user in a big way,” said Jeff Gross, partypoker Team Online member. “Mobile poker tech has been archaic & this makes you really say WOW when you play it. Refreshing & fun, the biggest shake up in poker I have seen in a long time!”