Run It Once Poker Introduces New Weekly Rewards Program “Legends” Run It Once Poker Introduces New Weekly Rewards Program “Legends”

Run It Once Poker room has launched a new loyalty scheme that significantly changes how players are rewarded after taking players feedback into consideration.

Called “Legends”, the new weekly cashback program is a throwback to classic rakeback style systems where players are rewarded straight cash in proportion to the amount of rake they pay at the table.

It came into effect on Monday, November 25.

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Splash The Pot Will Stay

The new rewards program works in conjunction with the existing revolutionary Splash the Pot rewards program that has been re-engineered to make way for Legends.

Previously, the STP program returned 51% of all rake collected at the tables in the form of extra cash distributed randomly at the tables between one big blind and 1000 big blinds. For now, it will work in the same way as it has before, but the percentage of STP program will be reduced from the original 51% to 30%.

“[Splash the Pot has] been a very well-liked feature amongst most of our players, but since launch, we’ve also heard grumblings from players who have wanted something more – something similar to what they’re used to seeing on other sites,” wrote Phil Galfond, the founder of Run It Once Poker in his recent blog post.

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Players Can Now Earn Up to a Total of 75% Rakeback

The Legends system rewards players between 10% and 30% rakeback, depending on the tier. Rewards are paid directly to players in the form of cash at the end of each week. Plus, if players maintain the same rank or tier for four consecutive weeks, the rakeback can shoot up to 45%.

This means that maximum effective rakeback is 75%, if we include the Splash the Pot bonus.

How Does Run It Once’s “Legends” Rewards Program Work?

Legends offer five tiers: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Legends.

Each of these tiers consists of five levels except for Legends which has unlimited levels. Upon completing every level, players are awarded a cash reward and level-up boost points (basically free points given towards unlocking higher levels).

Players earn 1 point for every €0.05 in gross rake paid.

The entry-level “Clubs” tier starts at 10% rakeback, which is achievable for anyone who earns at least 60 points, equivalent to paying €3 in contributed rake. These cash rewards increase as players generate more and more points, thus incentivizing players to put in higher volume—something that stands in stark contrast to the overall industry.

The final tier “Legends” guarantees €900 in cash rewards for every 90,000 points (€4500 in contributed rake) players accrue during a week.

Players receive rakeback at the end of every week.

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Legends Rewards Program

Tier Cashback Streak Reward Max Cash Reward Splash the Pot Total
Clubs 10% 0.50% 11% 30% 41%
Diamonds 12.50% 1.25% 14% 30% 44%
Hearts 15% 3% 18% 30% 48%
Spades 20% 6% 26% 30% 56%
Legends 30% 15% 45% 30% 75%

Unlike other traditional rakeback systems where players maintain the same VIP level the following month or week, in Legends, players are reset to the first tier and are required to progress through each tier from scratch.

To help players track their Legends status, a new progress bar has been added in the main lobby, alongside their Splash the Pot winnings which displays how much players have won through STP.

Extra Perks

To encourage players to play consistently on their site, RIO is also offering extra “streak rewards” based on their play over a rolling four-week period on top of their weekly cash reward. This ranges from 0.5% (Clubs) to 15% (Legends) in extra rakeback. As the program was just recently launched, all players will automatically get the 4-week streak multiplier this week and during the upcoming week, meaning they will earn 1.5x points.

Additionally, to encourage players to keep the games running, playing three-handed will earn 1 point for every €0.03 and to help prevent the game from breaking, players will earn 2 points for every €0.05 in gross rake paid when heads-up.

Players can also accrue points for logging in every week (a ten-point boost) and earn 25 points for playing the first hand of the day and clearing a rewards level.

Legends Rewards Program Points Rate

Players at table Earn rate Points for €1
2 1 point every 3 cents 33
3 2 points every 5 cents 40
4-6 1 point every 5 cents 20

Upcoming Changes to Splash the Pot

In addition to reducing the total rakeback offered through the Splash the Pot program, Run It Once has planned further changes that are expected to be implemented in the next few weeks.

Players will no longer be risking any of their chips every time a table hits a splash of 100 big blinds or more. Instead, all players dealt into the hand will be forced “all-in for nothing” meaning they will only be competing for the splashed pot.

The winner of the hand will take 70% of the splash, while the remaining 30% will be shared by other players in the hand, thus allowing everybody to share the splashed pot instead of it going to just one player.