GGPoker: "Our Saturday Sessions Have Started With A Bang" GGPoker: "Our Saturday Sessions Have Started With A Bang"

Saturday Sessions from GGPoker is all about injecting fun into the weekend schedule.

GGPoker has packed Saturday with Beat The Pros – a special Saturday tournament – special promotions that only run on a Saturday and tons of poker and gaming action that gets streamed live on Twitch.

Action starts every Saturday at 10:00 ET.

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Saturday Sessions have been devised to create a buzz around the traditional quiet day of Saturday and create a space for fans of GGPoker to go before the Sunday grind.

Action kicked off last weekend with the newly formed GGSquad that is made up of six poker streamers including Kevin Martin, JNandez, jektisss, KakiTee, Easterdamnz and IrEgption front and center of the Saturday Sessions.

“Our Saturday Sessions have started with a bang and each GGSquad member has played a part in making Saturdays a real 'can’t miss’ day at GGPoker,” Paul Burke, a GGPoker spokesperson exclusively told pokerfuse. “The day is headlined by our Beat The Pros tournament, but we want to continually improve things and plan to make each Saturday Session even better by introducing some new fun elements; watch this space for more details!”

Kevin Martin got the poker community talking when he recently folded the nuts! It even got GGHero Daniel Negreanu commenting. This is exactly the type of shenanigans players will come to expect from the Saturday Sessions and GGSquad.

But there is a mix of content out there. For example, JNandez hit up the high stakes tables and you can check out some of the action below.

Among Us

GGPoker will also be using its GGSquad to stream Among Us action every Saturday.

Among Us is a social deduction game where players must complete tasks to stay alive. It is a multiplayer game that blends teamwork and betrayal.

It is taking the world by storm, and last night Democratic US representative AOC took to Twitch to connect with young audiences by playing the game.

You can watch AOC’s stream on Twitch below.

According to sources, AOC’s stream has (at the time of writing) become the third most watched Twitch stream by an individual in Twitch history.

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Beat The Pros

It is also worth keeping an eye out for the Beat the Pros Bounty Hunter tournament that will run every Saturday at 17:00 UTC. $250,000 is up for grabs each week along with bragging rights for knocking out a GG pro.

Each GGpoker pro has a color coding of blue, yellow or purple. Anyone that knocks out a pro will win a seat in the $5000 Beat the Pros Winners’ Freeroll where $5000 is guaranteed.

GGCrew Yellow GGPoker Influencer
GGHeroes Blue GGPoker sponsored pro
GGSquad Purple GGPoker Streamer

The Winners’ Freeroll will be held at the same time the following Saturday.

Promotions running on Saturdays include GGStaker and GGMasters Last Longer, details of which get leaked on social media each week.

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