With the Halloween just around the corner, PokerStars in New Jersey and Pennsylvania has launched the Mystery House promotion, inviting players to take part in a spooky, thrilling adventure promising generous cash prizes up to $15,000.

Search the Mystery House for Keys

The promotion is running until November 1 and it is open to all PokerStars NJ and PokerStars PA players. All you have to do to get involved is opt-in via the Challenges Window in your PokerStars client and you will be good to go.

When you opt-in, the Mystery House board will be revealed to you. The board contains a path of 28 squares with several different rooms along the way that you will need to enter to collect the keys.

To move on the board, you will need to complete the progress bar by playing real money games (cash games and tournaments). Once the bar is filled, you will get one roll on a four-sided dice. The number on which the dice lands will determine the number of squares you will be able to move.

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There are eight different rooms along the way, like the Kitchen, the Library, the Office, etc. Each of the rooms can only be accessed by landing exactly on the squares that have doors to the various rooms in the Mystery House. In every room you enter, you will receive a single key as well as a chest containing personalized rewards based on your Stars Rewards level.

To complete the Mystery House challenge, you will need to either collect three keys from three different rooms (as every room can only be entered once) or reach the final square on the board. Either way, once you complete the game, you’ll receive the final chest with special prizes.

What’s up for Grabs in PokerStars Mystery House?

There is a lot of cash to potentially be won with this challenge. PokerStars NJ is giving away a total of $50,000 in prizes while players from Pennsylvania can get a share of more than $175,000 over the duration of the promo.

As mentioned, every time you enter a room, you will receive a personalized chest containing a cash prize, which is determined based on your Stars Rewards level:

  • Blue: $0.75
  • Bronze: $1.25
  • Silver: $4
  • Gold: $15
  • Diamond: $30
  • Black: $80

You will get these chest rewards in each of the rooms and their values are fixed. However, if you complete the challenge by collecting all three keys or reaching the 28th square, you will gain access to the special chest where the minimum prize is $5 for Blue players and $350 for Black level players.

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For 99.9% of the players, your final chest will contain one of these rewards, but if you get really lucky to be in the 0.1%, your final Mystery House chest could contain one of the following rewards:

  • Blue: $100
  • Bronze: $250
  • Silver: $500
  • Gold: $2000
  • Diamond: $5000
  • Black: $15,000

There is definitely a luck factor in play here and there is no way to guarantee you will be one of the lucky few but it is still worth the effort. Even regular prizes waiting at the end are quite solid and you never know when the RNG could turn to your favor.