GGPoker Giving Away an Eye-Watering $10 Million in August GGPoker Giving Away an Eye-Watering $10 Million in August

Players on GGPoker are in for a treat this August as the operator lays on an unprecedented bundle of giveaway promotions. All in all, there is over $10 million available in GG’s record-breaking slate of offers.

As always, play on practically every game is rewarded, with leaderboards across all major formats, special gift boxes, and bonuses for those who have a streak of bad luck with a bumper GGCare system.

The unprecedented giveaway amount comes with a tie-in with the World Series of Poker. GGPoker is running the international online bracelet events this month, with the first events kicking off on August 1. Tournaments and scheduled into mid-September.

GG has long made a name for itself with massive leaderboard promotions every month. The network really grabbed attention with a $2 million slate of promotions in June 2020, double what had been seen previously. Since then, giveaways have exploded in total monetary value.

In February 2021, it set a record with $7,500,000 in total prizes. It immediately topped that, with $9.3 million the very next month.

Things have dipped a little since then—understandable given the quieter summer months. In June, “only” $7.7 million was earmarked for rewards; a dip of 17% on the March high though still up almost four times on the same month a year prior. Things were increased a little in July to $8.2 million.

But now, to celebrate the return of the World Series of Poker, GGPoker has gone one better, taking the total up to a record eight figures. The $10,000,000 WSOP Season Special Giveaway sets a new high bar for monthly promo packages.

Gift Boxes the Icing on a Very Tasty Cake

The format for the WSOP Season Special Giveaway looks largely the same as those previous months’ offerings with Daily Leaderboards across practically all its games.

The main addition this month, which has helped boost the total to a new high, is the August $1 million Gift Box promotion which rewards players who participate in MTT tournaments with more than $30,000 earmarked every single day to tournament players.

The promo will award an enormous number of players throughout the month—with the top 1400 receiving gift boxes every single day throughout August. To qualify for the Gift Box Promotion, players simply play GG or WSOP tournaments to rack up leaderboard points. The prizes awarded are as follows:

1st-200th: $100 Gift Box

  • $25 All-in or Fold Sit & Go Ticket
  • $20 Spin & Gold Ticket / $10 Battle Royale Ticket
  • $20 Flip & Go Ticket / $25 of C$

201st-600th: $20 Gift Box

  • $5 All-in or Fold Sit & Go Ticket
  • $5 Spin & Gold Ticket / $3 Battle Royale Ticket
  • $3 Flip & Go Ticket / $4 of C$

601st-1400th: $5 Gift Box

  • $0.5 All-in or Fold Sit & Go Ticket x2
  • $1 Spin & Gold Ticket / $1 Battle Royale Ticket
  • $0.5 Flip & Go Ticket x2 / $1 of C$

Another noteworthy increase to the prize pool is the additional money added to the GG Care Daily Flipout, which has been boosted from $30,000 to $50,000 daily throughout August, adding up to a mouth-watering $1,550,000 over the course of the month.

The GGCare system aims to relieve some of the pain of bad beats, suckouts, and coolers. Players on the receiving end these misfortunes are automatically entered for the daily Flipout tournament.

The wide choice of games included in the promotion means there is something for everyone this month at GGPoker. Whatever your preferred game, you will find a leaderboard suited to your tastes.

Eight Leaderboards to Choose From

The big money of course comes from all the other leaderboards. Every major format on GGPoker has a leaderboard giving out tens of thousands of cash prizes to players.

Most of these are the same as last month, like the $50k daily for Spin and Gold and All-in or Fold tables. 6+ Short Deck has seen a notable bump, from $5000 last month to $10k in August.

Battle Royale, on the other hand, has seen a dip—from a $15,000 weekly giveaway last month to a $1000 daily leaderboard this month. The operator recently made tweaks to this format as participation has decline since the game first went live.

Leaderboard Daily Prize Pool
Spin & Gold $50,000
All-in or Fold $50,000
6+ Short Deck $10,000
Rush & Cash $40,000
Hold’em $25,000
Omaha $25,000
Flip & Go $10,000
Battle Royale $1000

Players should also note that Happy Hours run every day between 22:00 and midnight, awarding x1.5 for any points won—and x2 for Rush & Cash games.

There are also Freebie tickets available to all players, every day throughout the promotional period.

  • Monday: $0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket
  • Tuesday: $0.25 Battle Royale Ticket
  • Wednesday: $0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket
  • Thursday: $0.25 Battle Royale Ticket
  • Friday: $0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket
  • Saturday: $1 Spin & Gold Ticket
  • Sunday: $0.25 Battle Royale Ticket

GGPoker’s $10,000,000 WSOP Season Special Giveaway runs from August 1 through to August 31.