GGPoker Announces Return of Good Game Series of Poker GGPoker Announces Return of Good Game Series of Poker

The fall big series continue to come thick and fast in 2021. Barely a month after the end of its WSOP Online events, GG Poker has launched the second edition of the Good Game Series of Poker (GGSOP).

GG’s “Ultra Affordable” online festival is making a return, with the operator promising a series that resembles the WSOP Online in structure and scope, but for a fraction of the cost.

Events take place between October 23 and November 7 , although day 1 flights for the $5 Reunion and the $50 GGSOP MILLION$ started on October 16. The series is pitched at the smaller end of the bankroll spectrum, with almost all events having buy-ins of $50 or less.

This edition of the GGSOP closely resembles the previous one: 54 events over 15 days and buy-ins starting at $2.50. That matches the inaugural series exactly, though the $7,250,000 guaranteed across the festival is an increase of $750,000 on last year’s figure, reflecting the operator’s confidence after what has been an incredibly successful year for the operator.

GGSOP is a tournament series designed for every kind of poker player, with affordable buy-ins and lots of events to choose from,” said Paul Burke, Head of PR at GGPoker. “With millions in cash prizes up for grabs, we know GGPoker players will relish the chance to take down a GGSOP title!”

Designed to Mirror the WSOP Online

GGPoker is describing the GGSOP as “The WSOP Online experience tailored for the low stakes player.” As with last year, the schedule has several scaled-down, budget versions of WSOP favorites on the itinerary, with mini varieties of The Return, Colossus, and Plossus events.

Other series highlights include the $25 FLIP Ladies Event with $100k guaranteed, and a Millionaire Maker Jr, which carries a somewhat contradictory guarantee of $250,000. Nevertheless, that is a tidy sum for a buy-in of just $15.

But perhaps the most ambitious offerings are the three $50 GGSOP MILLION$ tournaments, each with a promised prize pool of $1 million. Day 1s are already running on the site and continue throughout the series, with the three final days being October 24, October 31, and November 7.

GGSOP 2021 Series: Highlights

Date Event Buy-In Guarantee
Oct 16-23 The Return NLH $5 $100,000
Oct 23-30 Millionaire Maker Jr $15 $250,000
Oct 24 FLIP Ladies Championship $25 $100,000
Oct 17-Nov 7 GGSOP Million$ $50 $1 million (x3)
Nov 6 GGSOP Main Event $50 $200,000

What Else is on Offer at the 2021 GGSOP?

There are two events which exceed the $50 purchase point: the $150 GG Masters with a $500,000 guarantee, and the ¥388 NLH Asia Championship (the denomination here is Chinese Yuan, the entry fee being roughly equivalent to $60). This event has a guarantee of ¥500,000 (approximately $78,000).

In addition to the individual events GG is running a leaderboard competition for the duration of the series. This promotion will see the top 100 players grab a share of $100,000. There are no further details at the time of writing though GGPoker states that these will follow soon.

The GGSOP 2021 series proper runs from October 23 through November 7. Day 1s for the $5 Reunion and the $50 GGSOP MILLION$ are available now.