888poker's The Festival Online Blazing into Final Weekend 888poker's The Festival Online Blazing into Final Weekend

There have now been a total of 18 events in 888poker’s The Festival Online (TFO) and the operator will be smiling at the results. So far, every game has met or exceeded the posted guarantee, with the entire series coming in at more than 15% above the promised numbers.

TFO from 888poker got underway on July 7 with a $109 Opening Event that equaled its guarantee exactly. From there, things only got better as every event so far ended up with at least a bit more than promised in the prize pool.

There have been just over $500k of guarantees played out over the 18 games so far, and, in total, the games have collected $583,820. That means the operator is almost $80k ahead of its expected guarantees of $504,000.

The biggest game of the series is still the $109 Texas Progressive KO that saw 1,072 entries for a prize pool of $107,200. That was just over 7% above the $100k guarantee and has represented the biggest field and the biggest prize pool across the series.

However, there is now a new title holder for the biggest guarantee increase of the series. That honor was previously held by the $55 PLO Deepstack game that guaranteed $2,000 and collected $4,200 with 84 entries, but the $22 PLO Lowroller this week drew 160 entries for a prize pool of $3,200, 113% above the guarantee of $1,500.

888poker’s TFO at a Glance

Events So Far 18
Gtd So Far $504,000
Prizes So Far $583,820
Biggest Prize Pool $107,200
Total Entries 5,813
Biggest Field 1,072
Average Field 323
Median Field 177
% Above Gtd 15.84%

The Festival Online Goes Into Final Weekend of Play

With 18 of the scheduled 21 events in the books, The Festival Online is set to head into its final weekend of poker at 888poker.com. There are three more events on the schedule before TFO closes up shop on Aug 1, but they promise to be the biggest games of the series.

Of course, the marquee event on the final weekend of play will be the Main Event. The $220 tournament has a $150k guarantee, the biggest one of the whole series, and it will need at least 750 total entries to meet that promised prize pool.

The other two games on the schedule have $65k guaranteed. July 31 features the Texas High Roller Finale for $525 with $50k guaranteed running alongside the Main Event, while the final day, Aug 1, will see the end of the Main Event and the $109 Afterparty with $15k guaranteed.

Solid Performance for Series So Far

With all events meeting or beating their guarantees so far, the series can only be called a resounding success. There have been nearly 6,000 entries across the 18 games so far, and that number is sure to cap 6k during action this weekend, with 7k within the realm of possibility.

While the biggest game of the series remains the $109 Texas Progressive KO with 1,072 entries, recent events put another game over the 1,000-entry mark with more than $100k in prizes. The $109 Texas 8-Max drew 1,048 entries for a total prize pool of $104,800, nearly 5% above the $100k guarantee on the event.

The other strong performer from recent action was the PKO 8-Max on July 26. That $88 event drew 202 entries for a total prize pool of $16,160, more than $6k above the $10k guarantee.

There is still lots of poker action set for the weekend, with more than $200k in guarantees still up for grabs and two more chances to win a seat to the Main Event on July 28 and 31.

The Festival Online Full Results through 18 Events

Game Buy-In Guarantee Entries Prize Pool % Gtd Increase
The Festival Online — Opening Event NLH $109 $100,000 1,000 $100,000 0%
The Festival Online — Opening High Roller $525 $40,000 85 $42,500 6.25%
The Festival Online — Opening Event PLO (8max) $109 $5,000 57 $5,700 14.0%
The Festival Online — Texas Deepstack $55 $10,000 314 $15,700 57.0%
The Festival Online — Snap $33 $5,000 193 $5,790 15.8%
The Festival Online — PLO Deepstack $55 $2,000 84 $4,200 110.0%
The Festival Online — Texas 6-max $160 $15,000 158 $23,700 58.0%
The Festival Online — Texas Progressive KO $109 $100,000 1,072 $107,200 7.2%
The Festival Online — Texas High Roller Progressive KO $525 $40,000 99 $49,500 23.75%
The Festival Online — PLO 6-max $55 $2,000 42 $2,100 5.0%
The Festival Online — 6-max Turbo PKO $44 $10,000 252 $10,080 0.8%
The Festival Online — Texas Lowroller $22 $10,000 649 $12,980 29.8%
The Festival Online — Super KO $109 $12,000 230 $23,000 91.67%
The Festival Online — Texas 8-max $109 $100,000 1,048 $104,800 4.8%
The Festival Online — Texas 8-Max High Roller $525 $40,000 111 $55,500 38.75%
The Festival Online — PLO Lowroller $22 $1,500 160 $3,200 113.33%
The Festival Online — PKO 8-Max $88 $10,000 202 $16,160 61.6%
The Festival Online — PLO Turbo $33 $1,500 57 $1,710 14.%
The Festival Online — Main Event $215 $150,000
The Festival Online — Texas High roller Finale $525 $50,000
The Festival Online — Afterparty $109 $15,000