One Week Left to Qualify for WPT Global's $1 For $1 Million One Week Left to Qualify for WPT Global's $1 For $1 Million

As you may have already heard, WPT Global is running one of the best-value tournaments in online poker history, offering a massive $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool for the buy-in of just $1 — yes, one dollar — we have not missed any zeroes there!

The $1 For $1 Million tournament is the main highlight of WPT Global’s first-ever MTT series, The Summer Festival, and the event is guaranteed to have an overlay well above $900,000, even if every single starting flight was filled to the capacity, which has not been the case.

The tournament officially kicked off on July 20, featuring two Day 1 flights every Wednesday and Sunday, and now we are in the final stretch. There is still a full week full of opportunities to win your seat for Day 2, taking place on August 22. In the final days leading up to grand finale, WPT Global has introduced additional starting flights, so there is still plenty of opportunity to qualify or try and boost your starting stack for Day 2.

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$1 For $1 Million Day 1 Flights (more to be added)

Date Day No. of Flights
August 11 Thursday 1
August 12 Friday 3
August 14 Sunday 2
August 17 Wednesday 2
August 21 Sunday 1

Is This an Offer Too Good to Refuse?

It is no secret that the poker media’s job is, in part, to create some hype around poker events to help bring in more players, but when it comes to the WPT Global $1 For $1 Million tournament, the hype is well-justified.

Each starting flight is capped at 5000 entries, meaning the absolute maximum number of entries in the event would be around 150,000 — guaranteeing the overlay of $850,000 or so. While there have been a couple of events with bigger overlays in the past, none of them offered such a small buy-in. Plus, the operator has been running numerous promotions, allowing players to get involved for free.

However, the number of entries has not come close to these numbers. The number of players who made it to Day 2 at the time of writing this article is 2549. Since 13% of the field from each starting flight moved on, simple math tells us that the total number of entries thus far has been just shy of 20,000.

Even if the total number of entries were to reach 50,000 with new starting flights added to the schedule, which is pretty unlikely, we are looking at an overlay of $950,000.

It was clear from the start that WPT Global was more than happy to take the loss on this one as a part of their overarching marketing campaign. Whether it will work out for them or not, in the long run, only time will tell, but the value for the players is there.

Complimentary Summer Festival Tickets for All Depositors

All depositing players can get one free ticket to the $1 For $1 Million event. Once you deposit at least $10, the ticket will automatically be added to your backpack, ready to use on any flights you choose.

Remember that all Day 1 flights allow reentries, so if you bust out early, you can hop back in. Also, players can play as many Day 1s as they like, and their biggest stack will be carried forward to Day 2.

With quite a few more starting days remaining, there are still many opportunities to get your seat for Day 2 and compete for the massive prize pool. And for those who have secured their place, investing a few extra bucks in trying and building an even bigger stack is always an option — after all, it is not every day poker players get to compete for such big prizes at such low risk.

Sign up and take advantage of the WPT Global Deposit Bonus — 100% match up to $1200 — and get in on the action. Who knows? You could end up a millionaire.