888poker LIVE Returns to Bucharest for August Series 888poker LIVE Returns to Bucharest for August Series

While much of the poker world’s attention is focused on Las Vegas, poker operators around the world are still making plans for the future beyond the Big Show in Nevada. 888poker is one of those operators, looking to bring the trip-eights back to Bucharest for the sixth time since 2018.

Starting on August 8, 888poker LIVE is throwing a week-long poker party in the heart of the Romanian capital. Hosted by 888poker and supported by PokerFest, the festival has eight games from August 8 through August 14, including two multi-day events.

Buy-ins for the series range from €888 to the €55 Ladies’ game on August 13. The cheapest open-entry game in the series is the Turbo Deepstack on opening day for €88.

There are two multi-flight events in the series, with the first one kicking off the series on August 8 for €220 and the Main Event starting on August 10 for €888. Throw in a Mystery Bounty, a PLO game, and a few other one-day events, and there are seven days full of poker action in Bucharest.

Live Streaming Schedule for 888Poker LIVE Bucharest

  • Saturday, August 12 — Mystery Bounty Final Day (starting at 20:00)
  • Sunday, August 13 — Main Event Day 2 (starting at 17:30)
  • Monday, August 14 — Main Event Final Day (starting at 15:00)

Get Into the Main for a Penny

While all the events in Bucharest will be open to direct buy-in, players looking for a bit more bang for their buck can get into the game for a lot less than the list price. 888poker is running direct qualifiers to the €888 Main Event for $109 on the client right now with packages worth $2k up for grabs.

Even that is not the lower limit, however. The satellite tree for Bucharest starts at just a single penny, giving players a chance to work their way up to a Main Event package for virtually nothing.

$2000 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival Main Event Package:

  • €888/$950 buy-in to the 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival Main Event
  • $550 for 4 nights’ accommodation
  • $500 for travel expenses
  • 888poker LIVE Kit

Poker in the “Little Paris of the East”

While the attention of players is likely to be focused on the felt for the duration of the series, it is worth noting that Bucharest is one of the shining lights of Eastern Europe. The city has a long history dating back as far as 1459 and has served as the Romanian capital for about 150 years.

In addition to its long history complete with attractions like the Romanian Athenaeum, the Palace of Justice, and Bucharest Old Town to whet the appetite of any history buff, players looking for a little more excitement off the felt will find a vibrant nightlife to party until dawn.

If culture is more to your liking, Bucharest has its fair share of art museums, landmarks, and monuments.

There is still plenty of time to book a satellite package to Bucharest that includes entry into one of the four starting days for the €888 Main Event.

888poker LIVE Bucharest ME Flights

Date Event
10 Aug 17:00 ME Day 1A
11 Aug 17:00 ME Day 1B
12 Aug 17:00 ME Day 1C
13 Aug 11:00 ME Day 1D Turbo
13 Aug 17:30 ME Day 2
14 Aug 15:00 ME Final DAY

888poker LIVE Bucharest 2023 Full Schedule

Date Event Buy-In
8 Aug 18:00 Opening Event Day 1A €220.00
8 Aug 21:00 The Turbo Deepstack €88.00
9 Aug 18:00 Opening Event Day 1B €220.00
9 Aug 20:00 Omaha Pot Limit €115.00
9 Aug 22:00 Opening Event Day 1C Turbo €220.00
10 Aug 15:00 Opening Event FINAL €220.00
10 Aug 17:00 ME Day 1A €888.00
11 Aug 17:00 ME Day 1B €888.00
11 Aug 20:00 Mystery Bounty Day 1[150 EUR Bounty] €330.00
12 Aug 17:00 ME Day 1C €888.00
12 Aug 20:00 Mystery Bounty Final Day[150 EUR Bounty] ——
12 Aug 21:00 The Ladies Event €55.00
13 Aug 11:00 ME Day 1D Turbo €888.00
13 Aug 17:30 ME Day 2 €0.00
13 Aug 19:00 The Big Shot €330.00
14 Aug 15:00 ME Final DAY ——
14 Aug 18:00 Closer €165.00