Maximize Your Profits at BetMGM Poker Cash Game Tables Maximize Your Profits at BetMGM Poker Cash Game Tables

When it comes to grinding cash games, BetMGM Poker can be a very lucrative destination, whether you play from Pennsylvania, Michigan, or New Jersey. Bringing your best game to the tables and outplaying your opponents is essential, but there are many other ways to boost your win rate.

BetMGM Poker hosts a variety of promotions geared specifically towards cash game players. Knowing what these are, how they work, and how to utilize them to your advantage can help significantly boost your bankroll and make every minute spent at the tables worth more.

This article covers the top three promotions that every ring game player should be aware of. Adjust your playing schedule so that it fully utilizes these promos, and you are almost guaranteed to see a significant uptick in your profits.

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BRP Builder Cash Games

Earning BetMGM Rewards Points (BRPs) is important, as you can exchange them for bonuses and other perks in the operator’s online store. You will automatically earn points by playing real money games and generating rake, but if you play during certain periods, you can bank double points daily.

Between 3 pm and 5 pm (local time), your play on all cash game tables across all stakes at BetMGM Poker will result in twice as many BRPs as you would normally earn. So, every hand you play is worth more for those couple of hours every day.

BRP Builder Cash Games represent a great opportunity for all players, regardless of their usual stakes. Those extra perks can add up quickly, especially if you make it a point always to play a part in your sessions during double-point hours.

Learn more in our complete guide to BetMGM Rewards.

BetMGM Cashback Grind

Putting in a solid weekly volume at BetMGM Poker cash game tables comes with many benefits, including prizes you can earn from the Cashback Grind. This ongoing promotion rewards players based on the rake accumulated during the week’s play and the BRPs points earned.

At the top level, players who generate 12,500 BRPs or more will receive $700. However, you will earn prizes when you accumulate 25 BRPs, which is good for $0.50 in cash.

There are many levels of the BetMGM Cashback Grind, and there is always an incentive to add more volume and unlock the next level. Looking at the middling brackets, achieving 1000 points will get you $30, while 2500 BRPs is good for $90.

Putting in a good volume is the first order of business for any (semi)serious player anyway, so the Cashback Grind is great to help you stay motivated and maybe even structure your goals around it. At the end of each week, some extra cash in your account will help keep your spirits up.

Win up to $1500 With Hot Tables

Hot Tables is the third BetMGM Poker promo that all cash game players should be aware of, even though there is very little you can do to influence the results.

For this promotion, BetMGM randomly selects No Limit Hold’em cash game tables that will have some cash added straight into the pot, and the amount can be as high as $1500. There are five distinct levels, and prizes increase with each level.

The lowest stakes where the Hot Tables promo is active are $0.10/$0.25, going up to $2.50/$5. At lower levels (Bronze and Silver), whoever wins the Hot Hand will receive the entire amount, while at higher levels, 50% of the amount goes to the winner, while the remaining 50% is shared between all players dealt into the hand.

You do not need to opt in or do anything but play at No-Limit Hold’em tables with stakes of $0.10/$0.25 and above. While Hot Tables are picked randomly, the bigger the volume you put and the more tables you play, the better your chances of getting dealt into one of these.

With all these promotions together, there is quite a bit of extra value up for grabs at BetMGM Poker, especially for those who do not mind sitting down and putting in a good volume week in and week out. If this describes your poker-playing habits, BetMGM is the place to be!

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