Five Reasons Why WPT Global Is Our Top Pick for New and Casual Players Five Reasons Why WPT Global Is Our Top Pick for New and Casual Players

Online poker players have a myriad options to choose from, and every site out there has something unique to offer. However, when it comes to new players looking for the best bang for their buck, WPT Global is our to pick.

WPT Global has not been around as long as other established operators, but it has quickly risen through the ranks of the online poker world, bringing to the table quite a few novel features and characteristics that help it stand out from the rest.

If you’re on the fence or have only just heard about this poker app, this article highlights the most important factors of WPTG — explaining why most casual and new players will feel right at home at WPT Global and why your bankroll is worth more on this site.

WPT Global is available in 100+ countries around the world, including Canada, Brazil, Ireland and New Zealand. It is not available in the US, the UK, or Ontario, Canada.

1. Nice Welcome Package With Freebies

WPT Global features one of the biggest welcome bonuses in the industry, with a big 100% match of up to $1,200 up for grabs on your first deposit. If you are a recreational player who enjoys higher stakes and has this sort of bankroll, this type of bonus is a solid boost.

But, perhaps more importantly, the welcome offer always comes with some freebies thrown into the mix, allowing you to pick up some tournament tickets. So even if you don’t max out the $1200 offer, it’s often a great deal.

This part of the offer changes constantly: Right now, you can pick up two $5 Global Spins tickets and two $5 WPT Passport satellite tickets with a deposit of just $20. Of course, you still get that 100% match on that $20.

This is a nice chunk of added value that can help you significantly boost your bankroll if you’re just taking up online poker.

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Last verified: May 2024
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100% deposit bonus up to $1200!
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2. Very Soft Games

Online poker has become increasingly tougher over the years, and if you play on any of the big sites, you’re probably aware that even at the lowest levels, the quality of play is pretty good. For new or recreational players, this is a problem — not just because it’s harder to win, but also because games are simply slower and, quite frankly, not as exciting.

WPT Global has a rather different player pool. While there are some serious grinders playing here, the app also has many recreational players who love action and will mix things up at the tables.

The platform also features an ecology management system, which helps protect recreational players from the pros to balance things out. Thanks to this system, recreational players and those new to the platform are protected to a great degree from experienced grinders, which not only makes your bankroll last longer but allows you to have much more fun.

At other sites, you might find yourself surrounding by sharks. On WPT Global, you’ll be sat with lots of other new players as well. You’ll find a variety of skill levels, you’ll likely see weaker players than yourself, and you’ll have a much better chance at winning when you first sit down.

Games are softer, the action is quicker, and the overall experience for a recreational player is better. You may not be able to fire up six or seven tables at once, but that’s not what most new players are after, anyway.

3. Tournaments With Added Value

When it comes to tournament action, WPT Global may not have huge events all the time, but many bigger tournaments on the platform often have overlays, i.e., they don’t get the required number of players to meet the guarantee.

What this means is that you’re getting more value for every dollar of the buy-in due to the overlay, as the operator will pay out the guaranteed prize pool whether they make it or not.

On top of this, there are also some tournaments and leagues with added value that seem to be flying under the radar for now. For example, WPT Global’s Discord league is a monthly event that offers huge value for the top three finishers, and the total number of players getting involved seems fairly small.

The league consists of four weekly tournaments that only cost $10 to enter, so it’s easy enough to get involved and, with a bit of luck, get in the mix for prizes that range from online tournament tickets to (potentially) packages for World Poker Tour live events.

4. Live WPT Qualifiers

A dream of many recreational players out there is to qualify for a major live tournament and get to experience the hype that comes with playing in such an event. At WPT Global, you have a very good shot at doing just that.

As an online partner of the World Poker Tour, WPT Global offers a variety of qualifiers for live WPT and WPT Prime events, and you can start building your way to one of the many tournaments on offer.

What’s more, via its social media channels, the operator often gives away free entries into these satellites and even packages for target events themselves. You’ll need some luck and a bit of creativity, but it’s all in good fun and geared more toward recreational players who enjoy these types of promotions.

5. Jackpot Sit & Gos With a Twist

Finally, recently introduced Global Spins represent an interesting take on a familiar model. These three-handed games take only a few minutes to complete and offer a max jackpot multiplier of 6,000x, which is quite exciting on its own — but that’s not all.

There is also a progressive jackpot for each stake level that increases over time. This amount is added to the max win multiplier, so once the 6,000x game triggers, all funds accumulated up to that point are also added to the prize pool.

This may not be a perfect setup for serious grinders as it increases variance and the luck factor, but if you are a casual player who likes to fire up these games on occasion, seeing that progressive jackpot grow big can be very exciting and give you the additional motivation to get involved.

Since these games only take a few minutes, you can squeeze in a good number of them even if you only have an hour or two to play, giving yourself a fair few shots at hitting a big one. Plus, with only three players at the tables and starting with shallow stacks, any mistakes you make won’t be as big as in full ring games with deeper stacks.

So, if you enjoy playing online poker and don’t have a WPT Global account yet, go ahead and check it out. There are even more things to love about this poker site, but these five should be more than enough to give it a try and see how it compares to other places.