WPT Global Giving Back All MTT Rake in March via Special Freerolls WPT Global Giving Back All MTT Rake in March via Special Freerolls
Key Takeaways
  • WPT Global is giving all MTT rake back to players in March through three special freerolls totaling at least $600,000 in prizes.
  • The promotion runs March 4 – 31 and includes all tournaments on WPT Global, regardless of buy-in.
  • Rakeback will not be directly distributed to players’ bankrolls, but through special freerolls.
  • Players’ activity during March determines which freeroll they qualify for.
  • To qualify for freerolls, players must meet certain thresholds based on their spend in buy-ins or number of MTT played.
  • WPT Global’s 100% MTT Rakeback promo is a valuable opportunity particularly for those who put in a good MTT volume.

Ever since its launch, WPT Global has been one of the top platforms for tournament players, offering events with plenty of added value and frequent overlays. Things have just gotten better in March, as the operator will be giving 100% of all MTT rake back to the players.

The rakeback promotion runs March 4 — 31 and encompasses all tournaments on WPT Global regardless of the buy-in. However, the rakeback will not be distributed straight to players’ bankrolls but rather given out through special freerolls.

Once the dust settles and all the action for the month is done, there will be three different freerolls, guaranteeing at least $600,000 in prizes. Your activity during the month will determine what freeroll you will qualify for.

WPT Global 100% MTT Rakeback Promo Breakdown

Freeroll Level Requirements GTD
Bronze $250 – $999 in buy-ins or 30 MTTs played $100,000
Silver $1,000 – $4,999 in buy-ins or 60 MTTs played $150,000
Gold $5,000+ in buy-ins or 100 MTTs played $300,000

100% Rakeback to MTT Players

WPT Global continues to find ways to reward loyal players and entice them to play more, and the 100% MTT Rakeback promo running in March brings plenty of extra value.

The operator has promised to give back all of the rake collected from tournament action this month, distributing it back to the community via three special freeroll events. To qualify for one of these, players will need to meet certain thresholds:

  • Bronze-Level 100% Rakeback Freeroll — 15% of all rake collected (at least $100,000 GTD) — Spend between $250 and $999 in buy-ins OR play 30 MTTs.
  • Silver-Level 100% Rakeback Freeroll — 25% of all rake collected (at least $150,000 GTD) — Spend between $1,000 and $4,999 in buy-ins OR play 60 MTTs.
  • Gold-Level 100% Rakeback Freeroll — 60% of all rake collected (at least $350,000 GTD) — Spend at least $5,000 in buy-ins OR play 100 MTTs.

In total, WPT Global will give back at least $600,000 via this promotion, but the number could be higher, as freeroll prize pools will be based on the entire amount of rake collected. So, if that amount ends up being $800,000, the Bronze freeroll will be bumped to $120,000, Silver to $200,000, and Gold to $480,000.

You can only qualify for one of the freerolls and will be entered into the tournament with the highest value. All tournaments with real money buy-in on WPT Global count towards the total number of MTT played, but any freeroll tournaments you enter during this period will not increase your total.

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A Good Month for Tournament Grind

Often, rakeback promotions are geared toward cash game players, while MTT grinders have to find other venues to increase their hourly rates. With this promo, WPT Global has decided to shake things up and provide valuable incentives for tournament players on the site.

One slight caveat is that the rakeback money is paid through a tournament, so there will be some variance at play, as some of those who put in the required volume will not get to benefit from the promo. On the flip side, though, some grinders will pick up significantly more than what they paid in rake during the month.

All in all, this is a valuable promotion, especially for those who already put in a good MTT volume, and the fact that you can qualify for the highest level by playing even the 100 cheapest events will certainly entice lower-stakes grinders to ramp up their volume.

If you don’t have an account with WPT Global yet, you can register for one in a matter of minutes and take advantage of not just the 100% MTT Rakeback promo but also the generous welcome package offering up to $1,200 in bonus money on your very first deposit.