LearnWPT & ClubWPT Teaming Up to Help Players Succeed LearnWPT & ClubWPT Teaming Up to Help Players Succeed

ClubWPT is one of the top destinations for poker players in the US looking to compete for real money prizes in a completely legal and safe environment. The site offers a rich schedule of tournaments for its members, but it also strives to give those who sign up the tools they need to improve their game and set them on a path of success.

The site has partnered up with LearnWPT, another member of the extensive World Poker Tour family, to give members free access to training resources teaching specific skills to thrive in online tournaments and satellites for big live events.

To unlock access to LearnWPT resources, you’ll need to go beyond the basic VIP membership, but the combined value of learning materials and prizes on offer every single month makes it more than a worthwhile investment.

Get the Insider Access Plan With Diamond Membership

By purchasing a Diamond membership at ClubWPT, you’ll get access to the Insider Access Plan, a poker course that will help you get your tournament game to the next level.

The course represents a mix of video lessons, downloadable charts, and tools to help you record and review your hands. There are 22 video lessons in total, each lasting 15 minutes or less, covering some of the most important strategic concepts that every tournament player needs to know.

With the LearnWPT Insider Access Plan, you’ll also get access to the WPT GTO trainer and the ability to play through hundreds of solved hands. This is a very powerful learning tool, allowing you to see many theoretical concepts in practice and understand the numbers behind particular decisions.

On top of all this, you’ll also get access to the “Ask the Pro” online forum, where you can post your hand histories and have one of the pros analyze your play and help you recognize and fix your leaks.

The Insider Access Plan represents great additional value to the Diamond membership package, which gives you access to daily tournaments featuring cash prize pools in thousands of dollars and packages for some of the biggest and most popular live World Poker Tour events.

Free CHAMP Access With Super SATurdays Membership

The Super SATurdays membership can be tagged to any regular ClubWPT membership option for $100 a month, giving you access to four monthly satellites taking place every Saturday. Each of these satellites offers five seats in a live WPT event.

This on its own make the add-on membership great value for money, but ClubWPT will also give you access to the LearnWPT CHAMP course, which comes with a price tag of $199 if you were to buy it separately.

The name of the course is the abbreviation for “Championship Habits Aspire Masterful Poker,” and this pretty much sums up what the course is all about. It is designed to provide you with high-level knowledge that will help you win more often, not only on ClubWPT but also at various live events, including those that you manage to qualify for via the site.

CHAMP features lessons from crushers and legends like Andrew 'LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger, Brian Altman, Tony Dunst, Eric Lynch, and more. The course covers many important topics, including strategy for satellites, which is key to success in events you’ll get access to with the Super SATurdays membership.

In addition to in-depth strategy videos, access to WPT GTO trainer, and ability to communicate with the pros online, all CHAMP members also get invitations to pre-event Live Workshops happening around some of the biggest World Poker Tour and WPT Prime events.

If this sounds like a good deal, which we think it certainly is, we have some more good news. All players who sign up by 11:59 pm EST March 31 using our exclusive code 'FUSEVIP’ get one full month of VIP membership free and the ability to play in the exclusive online satellite on April 1, where the winner gets a $5,000 prize package for the WPT Choctaw event.

With this, you can see for yourself what ClubWPT is all about at no cost whatsoever, potentially win some money in the process, and even get a seat in a major WPT Championship event. What’s not to like about it?