GG Ontario Festival Starts May 5 with $5 Million in Guaranteed Prizes GG Ontario Festival Starts May 5 with $5 Million in Guaranteed Prizes

Following the successful completion of its Bounty Hunters Series, which saw its last events play out on April 29, GGPoker Ontario is coming back with more action this May in GG Ontario Festival.

GG Ontario Festival will feature a massive $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, five times bigger than the previous tournament series, offering plenty of incentive for players to sign up and play in the buyin bracket of their choosing.

Running from May 5 to June 12, the Festival will feature 215 unique events, each with three separate versions, with buyins ranging from as low as $2.50 to as high as $1,500.

Sign up with GGPoker Ontario today to get involved with the GG Ontario Festival, and remember that the Festival is only available to players playing from Ontario and through the GGPoker ON client.

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Last verified: June 2024
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Poker For Everyone: Play in Your Preferred Bracket

The concept of buyin brackets for online poker tournament series is not a new one, and GGPoker Ontario will be using it for GG Ontario Festival, separating all the events into three buyin brackets.

The low bracket will feature events between $2.50 and $25, with events like $5 Ontario Mini MILLION$ featured in this bracket and offering guarantees as high as $20k.

The medium bracket will offer events between $25 and $150, with numerous major events in this one, including the $50 Ontario MILLION$ Mini Main, which will feature a $100k guarantee.

Finally, the high buyin bracket will include 215 events with buyins over $150, including the $1,500 GG Ontario Championship that comes with a $200k guarantee and all the prestige and glory of winning the title in an event like this.

GGPoker has prepared something for every poker player in Ontario and will be offering plenty of action throughout the Festival’s duration at each buyin level, allowing you to choose for yourself how high you want to play and which level you are most comfortable competing at.

Massive GG Ontario Festival Highlight Events

In total, the GG Ontario Festival is going to feature 645 separate events, as each of the 215 tournaments will be offered in three versions with three different buyins and guaranteed prize pools.

While the guarantees for many of the smaller events across the Festival will be somewhat limited, a number of major events with massive guarantees will also be offered.

Three of the events will feature a $200,000 guarantee, including the $525 Mega Mystery MILLION$, the $1,500 GG Ontario Championship, and the $210 Ontario MILLION$ Closer, all of which will feature multiple day one flights and final days played towards the end of the series.

In the meantime, there will be plenty of other single-day and multi-day events with significant guaranteed prizes, with some of the following standing out from the rest:

Date Event Guarantee
May 5 $150 GGMasters Grand Opening $60,000
May 12 $5 Ontario Mini MILLION$ $20,000
May 12 $5.25 Mystery Mini MILLION$ $25,000
May 19 $50 Ontario MILLION$ Festival Edition $100,000
May 19 $52.50 Mystery MILLION$ $100,000
May 19 $150 GGMasters Ontario Festival $50,000
May 26 $500 Ontario MILLION$ HR Edition $150,000
May 26 $525 Mega Mystery MILLION$ $200,000
May 26 $1,050 GGMasters Festival High Roller $100,000
June 2 $50 Ontario MILLION$ Mini Main $100,000
June 2 $1,500 GG Ontario Championship $200,000
June 9 $210 Ontario MILLION$ Closer $200,000
June 9 $150 GGMasters Ontario Festival $50,000

Unique Leaderboards for Each Buyin Bracket

On top of the $5,000,000 in guaranteed prizes that will be distributed over the 645 events of the GG Ontario Festival, the operator will also give away $75,000 in special leaderboard prizes that won’t be coming out of your buyins.

Instead, the leaderboard prizes will be paid to the best performing players in each buyin bracket directly by the operator, adding extra value to the Festival for all the real tournament grinders out there.

If you plan to play a lot of events at the GG Ontario Festival this year, you may be in with a real shot at winning one of the many leaderboard prizes, especially if you stick to one chosen buyin bracket.

The prize distribution of the $75 will be as follows:

  • Low Bracket Leaderboard: $25,000
  • Medium Bracket Leaderboard: $25,000
  • High Bracket Leaderboard: $25,000

In the simplest of terms, players in each buyin bracket of the GG Ontario Festival will have a chance to battle it out for the same amount in extra value added by GGPoker Ontario, making it a great opportunity especially for the players grinding tournaments on the lower end of the buyin spectrum.

Best Place to Play Tournaments This Spring

If you are an Ontario online poker player and are aching to play some online poker tournaments this spring, than GGPoker is definitely the place to be.

The GG Ontario Festival will be the best and most attractive tournament series in the province between May 5 and June 12, with hundreds of events to pick from and valuable prizes guaranteed in each one of them.

Whether you are looking to grind out a full schedule or just casually jump into a few of the highlight events, signing up with GGPoker Ontario will give you a chance to make your plans come true and enjoy playing poker on one of the best platforms in the world against one of the softest player pools out there.