WPT Global Introduces Passport Dollars - Choose Your Poker Adventure WPT Global Introduces Passport Dollars - Choose Your Poker Adventure
Key Takeaways
  • WPT Global introduces Passport Dollars, a new currency for WPT Passport holders to choose their poker event destinations.
  • Passport Dollars can be used for travel expenses and accommodations, allowing players to fund their play at a chosen venue.
  • WPT Passports can be won through satellite tournaments at WPT Global, with two types currently available.

Over the last couple of years, the WPT Global app has sent hundreds of poker players to play prestigious WPT events all over the world. The possibilities will now become even more ample, as WPT Global introduces Passport Dollars, a new currency allowing players to use the WPT Passports they win on the platform in any way they choose.

While the Passports could previously only be used to play specific WPT events, the new currency will allow players who win packages to distribute their money as they like. Whether you want to play a single event or multiple events at a single or multiple venues will be up to you.

Passport Dollars will also be available for use for travel expenses and accommodations, allowing players to fund the entirety of their play at a particular venue with the new currency.

Keep reading to find out more details on how to win and use your Passports Dollars, or sign up with WPT Global right now to take your shot at a WPT Passport and fund your next big poker trip in full.

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What Are WPT Passports?

WPT Passports are virtual tickets to live WPT events, which can be won through satellite tournaments at WPT Global.

At this time, two types of WPT Passports can be won, which are the $12,400 WPT Passports and $1,500 WPT Prime Passports.

The first used to be meant for travel and participation in the WPT World Championship event, which concludes each season of the WPT, while the latter are designed to give players access to various WPT Prime festivals.

Each Sunday of the year, WPT Global gives away at least three $12,400 WPT Passports in $1,060 satellites, and these passports just became a whole lot more valuable.

Now, players will get a chance to win either of the WPT Passports and use its full value in any way they choose through an agreement with the WPT Passports team, which works to help players choose their destinations and figure out the logistics.

Using WPT Global Passports Dollars

Moving forward, any WPT Passports you win at WPT Global will be yours to do with as you please, as the new Passports Dollars will allow you to spend its value on multiple tournaments and festivals across the Tour.

For example, imagine you win one of the $12,400 Passports but are not used to playing high stakes tournaments like the WPT World Championship.

Playing a $10k event might cause you anxiety and make you play poorly, possibly reducing the value of the package you have won and the experience as a whole.

Now, you will be able to use the full $12,400 value through Passports Dollars to play any WPT or WPT Prime events you choose, as well as pay for your travel and accommodations.

For example, you could pick a WPT festival that includes both a WPT and WPT Prime event and play the following:

  • WPT Championship event: $3,500
  • WPT Prime Championship event: $1,100
  • WPT500 event: $550
  • A WPT side event: $550
  • Travel expenses: $2,000

With all of these included, you would spend a total of $7,200 to play the festival, including four events and $2,000 for travel expenses.

The best part about it is that you would still be able to use all remaining funds from your Passport at another WPT festival later in the year.

The package we used in the example would leave you with another $5,200 to play another WPT event, which you again get to choose.

Using WPT Global Passport Dollars, you will get full control of your WPT Passports and be able to play any events of your choosing as if you had won real cash.

The operator will even allow you to use your Passport Dollars to play in WPT-branded online events, with online WPT festivals running a few times a year and offering an opportunity to avoid all travel expenses and spend all your Passport Dollars on buyins only.

Terms and Conditions You Need to Know

The new WPT Global Passport Dollars will become available to all players who win a WPT Passport on the platform, but there are a number of terms you need to keep in mind.

For one, Passport Dollars are only available to players playing from countries in which WPT Global operates, which means you should not try playing from any restricted countries and getting around the rules.

Players who win WPT Passports can request between $500 and $2,000 per festival they intend to play as travel expenses, as long as they buy into at least one tournament at the venue with a buying of at least $1,100, and they have enough Passport Dollars at their disposal.

Players must also inform WPT Global of their chosen festival at least 25 days before its start, as a cutoff date is set in place for every particular festival to allow the operator enough time to transfer the buyin funds and set up their participation in selected events.

All travel and accommodations money is paid directly into the player’s WPT Global balance, and the player must book their own accommodations and travel tickets.

Choose Your Next WPT Adventure

If you are lucky enough to win a WPT Passport at WPT Global, you will now have more liberty than ever before to participate in WPT events of your choosing all over the world.

The new system of Passport Dollars will give players a chance to experience more WPT events at the same price and ensure that a single bad beat does not completely end their journey.

Head over to WPT Global to get involved with the various satellites leading up to the WPT Passports and enjoy the path that could lead you to playing multiple WPT events in this or the following season of one of the world’s most prestigious poker tours.