Inaugural Mystery Bounty Series at PokerStars Offers $4 Million in Guarantees Inaugural Mystery Bounty Series at PokerStars Offers $4 Million in Guarantees
Key Takeaways
  • PokerStars is launching its inaugural Mystery Bounty Series with $4 million in guarantees.
  • The Series will run from June 23 to July 1, featuring 55 events. Buyins for the events range from $5 to $215.
  • For the first time online, there are mixed game mystery bounty events and other unique MBT variations.

Mystery bounty tournaments in poker have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, with massive interest among both live and online tournament poker players.

Always looking to give players exactly what they want, PokerStars is launching its first-ever Mystery Bounty Series dedicated entirely to this tournament format.

Running from June 23 to July 1, the Series will offer $4 million in guaranteed prizes across 55 events, with buy-ins ranging from $5 to $215 and a great number of events in the lower buy-in brackets.

The inaugural Mystery Bounty Series will be the perfect opportunity to give mystery bounties a shot for those who never have before or grind out a familiar format for those who are already hooked on mystery bounties.

Mystery Bounty Series Highlights:

  • Runs June 23 — July 1 over 55 events
  • $4 million in total guarantees
  • $1 million guaranteed MBT Sunday Million — June 23
  • $1 million guaranteed MBT Main Event — June 30
  • Mixed game Mystery Bounty tournaments
  • New Mystery Bounty variations
Last verified: July 2024
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A Week of Mystery Bounty Madness

Recent months have seen the emergence of mystery bounty tournaments in online poker, with PokerStars being one of the operators offering the new format as part of major tournament series and more recently on the daily schedule as well.

Yet, for the first time ever, PokerStars is running an entire series where every single event will offer mystery bounties, giving players 50 opportunities to win the coveted envelopes over a single week.

The best part about it is that the vast majority of events in the PokerStars Mystery Bounty Series come with very affordable buyins, as numerous tournaments can be played in the $5.50 to $22 buy-in bracket.

The Series opens with a $11 DeepStacks Mystery Bounty event on Sunday, June 23, that will carry a $35k guaranteed prize pool, guaranteeing thousands of entries and some very juicy bounties in the final stages.

Those looking to up the stakes will be able to play a $55 event with a $125k guarantee and a $215 with a $85k guarantee on the opening Sunday, all leading up to the massive $109 Mystery Bounty Sunday Million later in the evening.

From here, the Series will include several mystery bounty tournaments each day, including some interesting new variations of the format, all leading up to the Main Event on June 30.

The Main Event itself will be played over the classic mystery bounty format on June 30 with a $109 buyin and a cool $1 million guarantee, making it another event you will not want to miss.

Mixed Games and New Takes on Mystery Bounty Poker

PokerStars would not be what it is if its series did not give mixed games players a chance to shine, and Mystery Bounty Series will be no exception.

The operator is the only one around offering mixed games mystery bounty events, giving the fans of other poker variations a chance to try the new format while playing their favorite poker variations.

Pot Limit Omaha, 8-Game, 5 Card Draw, NL Omaha H/L, NL 2-7 Single Draw, PL Omaha H/L, and Badugi are some of the alternative games offered at the $22 buyin level throughout the festival, with guaranteed prize pools between $5k and $15k ensuring turnout and entertainment for all mixed games aficionados out there.

To make matters even more fun for those looking to play No Limit Hold’em, PokerStars is introducing a few novelties in this festival, including a few new variations on the topic of mystery bounty poker.

Some of these include:

Date Format Buy-in GTD
June 23 Event #4 — Fabulous Forty $5.50 $20,000
June 23 Event #8 — Final Table Bonuties $22 $50,000
June 24 Event #11 — Goose Hunt $5.50 $15,000
June 24 Event #12 — Ten Percenter $11 $35,000
June 24 Event #15 — Total Mystery $22 $40,000
June 24 Event #16 — Goose Hunt $5.50 $15,000
June 24 Event #16 — Mostly Mystery $11 $35,000
June 25 Event #20 — Ten Percenter $22 $40,000
June 25 Event #23 — Super Sixteen $55 $75,000
June 26 Event #26 — Total Mystery $5.50 $20,000
June 26 Event #27 — Mostly Forty $11 $35,000
June 27 Event #30 — Ten Percenter $22 $40,000
June 28 Event #32 — Fabulous Forty $22 $50,000
June 28 Event #36 — Total Mystery $22 $25,000
June 29 Event #37 — Goose Hunt $11 $20,000
June 29 Event #42 — Final Table Bounties $22 $50,000
June 30 Event #47 — Ten Percenter $22 $50,000
June 30 Event #52 — Fabulous Forty $22 $50,000
June 30 Event #54 — Total Mystery $55 $100,000
July 1 Event #55 — Goose Hunt $5.50 $15,000

The new formats will bring changes in the way mystery bounty envelopes are distributed, ranging from events that will give out mystery bounties to final table players only (Final Table Bounties), to those that will pay top 16 (Super Sixteen) or top 40 (Fabulous Forty) players in the field.

Other novelties will include Total Mystery events in which the entire prize pool will be paid out through mystery bounties, Mostly Mystery events where 70% of the prize pool goes toward the envelopes, and Goose Hunt events that will have 80% of all mystery bounties packed into a single big envelope.

It will be an exciting week of poker for those who enjoy playing the new tournament format, as mystery bounties take new shapes and forms and PokerStars gives players a chance to tread some untested waters with the novel variations of the format.

Unravel the Mystery at PokerStars

PokerStars continues its trend of building fun and exciting player-centric tournament series and Mystery Bounty Series could just be one of the best we have seen in recent months.

With $4 million in overall guarantees over 55 events and very affordable buyins, the Series will give everyone a chance to try tip their toes into the mystery bounty pool and see whether the new format is up to their liking.

The two million dollar guarantees will come with plenty of satellites for those looking to enter at a lower price, while plenty of events in the lower buyin bracket will still offer enticing prize pools and chances at some very thrilling mystery bounty envelopes.

Join PokerStars today to take part in the first Mystery Bounty Series ever and become a pioneer of the new type of poker tournament that’s taking the poker world by storm.