Mystery bounty poker tournaments — poker tourneys where you win a secret bounty prize when you knock out another player — have taken over the poker world.

Mystery Bounty PokerThey are featured at every major live poker stop and are becoming an increasingly common option online. And that’s for good reason: The format adds an exciting twist to the standard knockout tournament, while adding another layer of strategy.

Over the last two years, we have seen a dozen online poker rooms add mystery bounty poker (MBP). Whether you’re in the UK or Europe, Canada or the United States, you probably have a choice of a couple of online sites spreading MBP. But should you play the format, and if so, where’s best?

There’s a lot of like about mystery bounties, and if you’re already an avid MTT player, you should certainly think about giving them a spin. For casual poker fans, it adds a fun element to the usual MTT, giving you a chance to win a huge prize without needing a deep run. But whenever there’s a hot new game, it also means a new opportunity for serious players to get ahead of the curve, learn the strategy and play these games at a profit. MBP adds another level of strategic depth.

In this comprehensive guide, we walk through how these tournaments work, where you can play them, and pick out some of the best bounty tournaments spread online, whether it’s small daily tournaments or huge million-dollar guaranteed events.

What is Mystery Bounty Poker?

Mystery bounty poker (MBT), or mystery bounty tournaments (MBT), also referred to as Secret Bounty, is like a typical bounty or knockout tournament — a portion of the prize pool goes towards bounties on every player’s head; knock out a player, and you win their bounty as an immediate cash prize. The twist is that each bounty is different and kept concealed elimination. Bounties can be multiple times the size of the buy-in, and there are often a few very large bounties.

This adds an extra element of fun not present in regular knockout tournaments. It means players can win large prizes without deep runs in a tournament. There is also an extra layer of strategy that skillful players can exploit to gain an edge against the competition.

Mystery Bounty Tournament: Key Facts
🚀 Format Debuted2021
🕵️‍♂️ Unique AspectBounty value remains hidden until player’s elimination
💰 Buy-in Structure50% of the buy-in usually goes to the bounty pool
🌐 AvailabilityLive and Online
💻 Dot-Com OperatorsPokerStars, GGPoker, 888poker, iPoker, and 4Poker
🇪🇺 EU OperatorsPokerStars, Winamax and 888poker
🇺🇸 US OperatorsWSOP (MI and PA only), Global Poker, WPN, and Chico Poker Network
🍁💼 Ontario Operators 888poker and GGPoker (
🏟️ Live OperatorsWSOP, WPT, APT, PokerStars, 888, Winamax, Unibet, Triton, Sky Poker and several others
🏆 WSOP Bracelet EventYes

Understanding Mystery Bounty Tournaments

Mystery bounty poker tournaments comprise two distinct phases. During the first phase, often called the “Early Stage,” the game plays like a regular poker tournament, with no bounties awarded for eliminating opponents. Only when the second phase, or “Final Stage,” is triggered — when “in the money” after a certain number of players are knocked out — do the mystery bounties kick in.

Like a regular knockout or “bounty” tournament, the prize pool is split in two equal parts. One half is allocated as regular prizes and awarded to the top finishers, just like in a regular poker tournament. The other half is reserved for bounties. Every player is randomly assigned a mystery bounty on their head.

The value of this bounty is kept secret from all players, hidden within a sealed envelope (in live events) or a locked chest (in the online version). It is only unveiled when the player is eliminated by another player. And, rather than bounties set as uniform amounts, they are randomized:, most bounties are equal to the tournament’s minimum buy-in, but a few are much more substantial, ranging from 5 times to even 1000 times the buy-in.

From there, tournament organizers and online poker sites will structure the tournament differently. Some are designed as multi-day events, featuring multiple Day 1s (the Early Stage), all culminating in a Final Stage (Day 2). Others can be single-day events, featuring a single flight.

How Mystery Bounties Differs from Knockouts and PKOs

MBTs build on the concept of the popular bounty and progressive knockout (PKO) tournaments. Just like those, half of all buy-ins make up the standard prize pool; the remaining half seeds the bounty prizes.

In standard bounty tournaments, players know the prize amount they will win if they eliminate an opponent. In a regular bounty tournament, these prizes are the same for all players. In a progressive PKO, bounties grow as the tournaments progress. But at any time, a player will know what prize they will win upon elimination.

In Mystery Bounty tournaments, the bounty on each player is random. This is kept concealed from all players until they are eliminated from the tournament.

The other big difference is that, in mystery bounties, the bounty part only comes into play when players reach the “in the money” phase. In PKOs and standard knockout tournaments, bounties are active right from the start of the tournament. But in MBTs, the tournament plays exactly like a traditional tournament during the first phase.

Mystery Bounty Poker Online Availability

The success of the mystery bounty format has been nothing short of extraordinary. It has swiftly established itself as a staple in the live poker scene and experiencing burgeoning popularity in the online world. Nearly a dozen online poker sites have embraced this tournament format already.

For international players, GGPoker, 888, and iPoker all offer MBTs. In Southern Europe, Winamax and 888poker spread the format. It’s made its way to North America too. For those in Michigan and Pennsylvania, WSOP USA offers it; in Ontario, players have GGPoker Ontario and 888poker Ontario.

wsop ontario
Last verified: June 2024
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The mystery bounty format made its online debut with PokerMatch, a Ukraine-based platform, unveiling it in February 2022 through the Connective Games platform. GGPoker promptly joined the trend, introducing the format during its WSOP Spring Circuit Online Series in March 2022.

Soon, several other platforms followed suit, including 888poker, Winamax, iPoker and US-facing offshore networks such as WPN and Chico Network. Even the online poker startup 4Poker, led by Bryn Kenney, and the social poker app PokerBros, jumped on the bandwagon.

Online poker stalwart PokerStars has also taken notice of the growing fascination with mystery bounty and and recently launched the format as part of the New Year series. as part of the New Year series.

One notable name missing from this lineup is Partypoker. While this major international operator hasn’t publicly disclosed any immediate plans to launch mystery bounty, its website alludes to the format, suggesting a potential future addition.

Unibet, however, has no “immediate plans” to adopt the format as it cites concerns over its impact on the player experience as hold out for a potential launch.

There are also two offshore networks, that serve the US market — WPN (Americas Cardroom) and Chico Network (Tiger Gaming) that also spread the format. However, Pokerfuse does not recommend these sites.

Mystery Bounty Poker Online Comparison

Operator Launched Market Daily MTT Offering PLO Mystery Bounty? Offered During Series Single Flight? Freeroll SNG
GGPoker Mar 2022 Dot-Com
PokerStars Jan 2024 Dot-Com
888poker Sep 2022 Dot-Com
Winamax Aug 2022 France, Spain, EU
iPoker Oct 2023 Dot-Com
WSOP Jan 2023 Michigan & Pennsylvania
WPN May 2023 Dot-Com, US-offshore
4Poker Oct 2023 Dot-Com
Chico Network Oct 2023 Dot-Com, US-offshore
Global Poker Jan 2024 US & Canada

Where to Play Mystery Bounty Tournaments Online

Best Mystery Bounty Poker in the US: WSOP USA

US online poker players looking to play mystery bounties currently have only one option —, which offers the format on its Michigan and Pennsylvania online poker sites.

There’s not an extensive selection of tournaments, but there are four regular, small stakes tournaments running daily plus a bigger $215-buyin tournament on Sundays, with $12,500 guarantee. WSOP also hosts MBTs as part of their tournament series and even a tournament series dedicated to this format. The format also runs as part of WSOP’s monthly Circuit Series as well as during the online bracelet series in the summer and fall.

Last verified: June 2024
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With that said, hopefully more competition will expand these choices in the future. Online poker stalwart PokerStars has already launched the format in the dot-com market — we expect it to go live across PokerStars USA in 2024, meaning players in New Jersey, Michigan and PA can all play it — there should be more events on the weekly schedule to choose from.

Daily MBTs at WSOP MI and WSOP PA

Tournament Buy-in Gtd Time (EST)
$1,000 Mystery Bounty $10 $1000 12:00
$1,500 Mystery Bounty $20 $1500 16:00
$2,000 Mystery Bounty $30 $2000 18:30
$1,500 Mystery Bounty $10 $1500 19:00
$800 Mystery Bounty $5 $800 20:30

Special MBTs at WSOP MI and WSOP PA

Tournament Buy-in Gtd Time (EST)
$3,500 Thursday Mystery Bounty 8-Max $50 $3500 19:30
$12,500 Sunday Mystery Bounty $215 $12,500 20:00
Last verified: June 2024
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Best Mystery Bounty Poker in Ontario: GGPoker and 888

In Ontario, you have two good choices: 888poker and GGPoker.

888 offers daily mystery bounty tournaments with buy-ins starting from CAD $1 and going up to CAD $109. These all have guarantees, and because traffic on the site is low, you could find spots daily where there’s an overlay.

The site also features MBTs heavily as part of their tournament series and the guarantees are quite juicy ranging from CAD $1000 to CAD $50,000. Plus, it is the only site where you can find Mystery Bounty freebuys — a type of tournament that is free to enter but players can rebuy or add-on if they lose all their chips.

If you want regular MBT action, this is the place to go, and there could be some great offers.

Daily Mystery Bounty Tournaments at 888poker Ontario:

Tournament Buy-in (CAD) Gtd (CAD) Time (EST)
$1 Mystery Bounty $1 $100 17:30
$2.20 Mystery Bounty $2.20 $150 22:30
$5.50 Mystery Bounty $5.50 $400 19:30
$11 Mystery Bounty $11 $1000 17:15
$16.50 Mystery Bounty $16.50 $1000 21:30
$22 Mystery Bounty $22 $1500 19:00
$109 Sunday Mystery Bounty Main Event $109 $25,000 18:30

GGPoker.ON, on the other hand, only features MB tournaments as part of its tournament series, so if you want a daily or weekly fix, this isn’t the site for you. But when they do spread MB tournaments, they are massive: guarantees can reach up to CAD $200,000. So it’s worth having an account here to play them when they run special events.

Mystery Bounty Tournaments at GGPoker Ontario (as part of the series):

  • $210 Mystery Bounty MILLION$ Main Event – $100k to $200k Gtd
  • $210 Omaholic Mystery Bounty MILLION$ – $20k Gtd
wsop ontario
Last verified: June 2024
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Best Mystery Bounty Poker in Global and European Markets

Best for Daily and Weekly Guarantees: 888poker

When it comes to finding the best mystery bounty tournaments, 888poker is the top choice in the global dot-com market if you want a regular schedule. They offer a wide variety of mystery bounty events on a daily basis, providing players with multiple opportunities to dive into this format.

Buy-ins start at just $1, and many of these tournaments come with big guarantees. On Sundays, players can look forward to the grand Mystery Bounty Main Event, featuring a $100,000 guarantee with a $109 buy-in.

The site also offers a Pot-Limit version of Mystery Bounty. Mystery bounty is prominently featured in 888’s tournament series, and they even have a dedicated Mystery Bounty festival for enthusiasts.

Daily Mystery Bounty Tournaments at 888poker
Tournament Buy-in Gtd
$1 Mystery Bounty $1 $1500
$2.20 Mystery Bounty $2.20 $2000
$3.30 Early Mystery Bounty 6-max $3.30 $300
$5.50 Mystery Bounty 6-max $5.50 $1000
$5.50 Mystery Bounty $5.50 $4000
$5.50 Late Mystery Bounty 6-max $5.50 $1000
$8.80 Early Mystery Bounty $8.80 $1500
$8.80 Mystery Bounty $8.80 $4000
$8.80 Late Mystery Bounty $8.80 $1500
$11 Early Mystery Bounty $11 $1200
$11 Mystery Bounty $11 $8000
$11 PLO Mystery Bounty $11 $1000
$11 Mystery Bounty 6-Max $11 $1000
$16.50 Mystery Bounty Turbo $16.50 $2000
$22 Mystery Bounty $22 $8000
$33 Mystery Bounty $33 $2000
$55 Mystery Bounty $55 $12,000
$109 Mystery Bounty Main Event $109 $100,000

The tournaments are structured in two phases. The first phase lasts for 16 levels, during which no bounties are awarded. Starting from level 17, mystery bounties come into play. 50% of the buy-in contributes to the standard prize pool, while the other 50% feeds into the mystery pool.

The bigger guaranteed mystery bounty events as part of the tournament series are structured as multi-day events, featuring dozens of Day 1s.

Best for Big, One off Guaranteed Tournaments: GGPoker

For those seeking massive guaranteed mystery bounties, GGPoker is the better choice. They don’t host a plethora of mystery bounty tournaments daily, but players can find them on the schedule as part of the operator’s special tournament series.

When it does spread them, they are worth taking note. It has hosted the largest-ever Mystery Bounty tournament, and it will likely look to set records in the future. It also offers PLO mystery bounties. At present, GGPoker is running a $5 million guaranteed Mystery Bounty event with a $210 buy-in as part of the ongoing Bounty Hunters Series.

On a weekly basis, the operator runs half a dozen mystery bounty tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $15 to $1050.

Last verified: June 2024
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Weekly Mystery Bounty Tournaments at GGPoker
Tournament Buy-in Gtd
$15 Tuesday Twinkle $15 $150,000
$150 Tuesday Twinkle $150 $250,000
$1050 Tuesday Twinkle HR $1050 $150,000
$15 Saturday Secret KO $15 $200,000
$150 Saturday Secret KO $150 $300,000
$1050 Saturday Secret KO HR $1050 $150,000

Best for Single Flight, Mystery Bounties: PokerStars

PokerStars is widely acknowledged as the premier operator for offering tournaments and it recently embraced the mystery bounty trend by introducing this format to its weekly tournament schedule. The format is also spread as part of PokerStars’ major tournament series.

Mystery Bounty on PokerStars made its debut as part of the Sunday Million tournament. It surpassed expectations, with the inaugural edition attracting an impressive 16,234 entrants and amassing a $1.6 million prize pool.

Encouraged by this success, the operator expanded the availability of Mystery Bounty Tournaments (MBTs). It recently added to its weekly tournament schedule including a daily $11 buy-in Mystery Bounty with a juicy $40,000 guarantee. On Saturdays, PokerStars runs multiple Mystery Bounty tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from $3.30 to $44.

Players can also find MBTs on PokerStars at nearly every tournament series it runs, with buy-ins ranging from $2.20 to $5200 and with guarantees reaching amounts ranging from $40,000 to $1 million. Additionally, PokerStars spreads the Mystery Bounty format to include the Pot-Limit Omaha variant.

Unlike many other operators that host MBTs featuring multiple flights, PokerStars stands out with its unique approach, hosting them exclusively in a single flight.

Weekly Mystery Bounty Tournaments at PokerStars
Tournament Buy-in Gtd
Mystery Bounty $11 $11 $40,000
Mystery Bounty $3.30 $3.30 $8000
Mystery Bounty $4.40 $4.40 $15,000
Mystery Bounty $11 $11 $60,000
Mystery Bounty $16.50 $16.50 $50,000
Mystery Bounty $44 $44 $40,000
Mystery Bounty $22 $22 $35,000
Mystery Bounty $5.50 $5.50 $8000

Options in Southern European Markets

In Southern Europe, Winamax is the best option for mystery bounties. They host two dozen tournaments daily with a diverse buy-in range on €1 to €250. During tournament series, Winamax spread MBTs with guarantees up to €3 million.

888poker also offers a decent selection of mystery bounty tournaments in these markets, with buy-ins starting at €1. While the buy-ins are more affordable at 888poker, guarantees at Winamax are more generous.

888poker Europe: Daily MBT Schedule

Tournament Buy-in Gtd
€8.80 Mystery Bounty €8.80 €1200
€16.50 Mystery Bounty €16.50 €3000
€22 Mystery Bounty €22 €1500
€5.50 Mystery Bounty €5.50 €1500
€33 Mystery Bounty €33 €3000

Mystery Bounty Poker Strategy & Tips

If you are looking to master mystery bounty tournaments, we have come up with five tips to help you prepare and excel in this format.

  • Late Registration Advantage: In mystery bounty tournaments, it is advisable to enter the tournament nearer to the start of the bounty phase, thus entering the tournament late is advisable. This is because bounties only enter the equation during the tournament’s final stage, specifically when the event has reached the “in the money” phase. This approach offers players a greater opportunity to compete for bounties at a time when they are readily claimable.
  • Build a Solid Stack: The foundation of success in a Mystery Bounty tournament lies not only in survival but in the art of entering the final stage with a formidable stack. It’s not merely about surpassing the average chip count but about wielding a stack of substantial magnitude. This increases the chances of winning more bounties as their stack covers more players.
  • Evaluate Buy-in Structure: It is essential to assess the buy-in structure in any Mystery Bounty tournament. The percentage of the buy-in allocated to the bounty pool serves as a compass guiding your gameplay. A higher percentage calls for an assertive and aggressive style, while a lower allocation necessitates a more measured and cautious approach. For instance, in a mystery bounty event with an $1100 buy-in, where $500 contributes to the bounty pool, a more loose playing style is recommended compared to tournaments such as the WSOP’s 30% structure.
  • Monitor Bounties Claimed: Keep a close eye on the big bounties, as their status significantly influences playing strategies. Whenever smaller bounties are claimed, the average bounty value rises. Conversely, if a major bounty is claimed, the overall value of bounties decreases substantially. If the significant bounties are still in play, players should prioritize maximizing their bounty collection. However, if these bounties have already been claimed, a shift toward a more traditional tournament strategy may be warranted.
  • Balance Aggression and Caution: Throughout the tournament, find the right balance between aggression and caution. Early on, be patient; during the bubble, be aggressive but fold strategically. After the bubble, target short stacks but avoid reckless plays.

To gain a thorough understanding of strategic insights, we recommend immersing yourself in the wisdom shared in “Mystery Bounty Poker Strategy (The Poker Solved Series),” a collaborative work authored by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter.

Drawbacks of Mystery Bounty

While mystery bounty tournaments undoubtedly bring an exciting twist to the game, the format comes with certain drawbacks. One concern is that it may incentivize players to maximize late registration, potentially disrupting the natural flow of a tournament and leading to a less enjoyable experience for those who prefer an even playing field.

WSOP USA Mystery Bounty

Moreover, this format requires players to survive until a certain point before reaping any rewards. This stands in contrast to Progressive Knockouts (PKOs), where bounties can be claimed immediately at the start of the tournament. Some operators, like Unibet, have chosen not to adopt the mystery bounty format due to these considerations.

Unibet’s Poker Product Manager, Stubbe Buchwald, has mentioned that the traditional mystery bounty setup may not seamlessly integrate with the field sizes typically seen on their platform. While alternative formats are being explored, widespread adoption of the mystery bounty format is not an immediate development for Unibet.

PokerStars who recently launched mystery bounty tournaments also acknowledged the challenges posed by the mystery bounty format.

“[Mystery Bounty] has some challenges that, to me, I think you want to address those challenges before you can make it something that’s more than just what’s being used as today, which is more of a one-off type of a thing,” said Chris Straghalis, PokerStars’ Director of Online Poker Experience in a podcast with pokerfuse held last year.

However, the operator proceeded with the launch, recognizing that players enjoy mystery bounties despite their drawbacks.

Why You Should Play Mystery Bounty Tournaments

There are multiple reasons why you should consider playing mystery bounty tournaments.

  • Surprise Element: Firstly, mystery bounty tournaments add an element of surprise and suspense to each hand. Unlike standard tournaments where the bounties are fixed, the mystery aspect keeps players on their toes, creating an atmosphere of unpredictability. The concealed nature of the bounty adds a new dimension to the game and an exciting twist to the game.
  • Win Big Without Needing a Deep Run: Mystery bounties bring a playful element to regular MTTs, offering players the chance to win significant prizes without requiring a deep run. Randomly awarded bounties mean players can score big without finishing first, making the format especially enjoyable for casual players.
  • Potential for High Rewards: Beyond the excitement, the mystery element can lead to unexpectedly high rewards. Eliminating an opponent might reveal a bounty worth much more than anticipated, presenting the opportunity for substantial returns. In this format, the focus isn’t solely on finishing first.
  • Appealing to All Skill Levels: The format isn’t just for casual players — it caters to a wide range of skill levels, including seasoned pros. Navigating through unknown bounty values demands diverse strategies, turning each tournament into a unique challenge that rewards strategic versatility.
  • It’s Fun: Above all, mystery bounty tournaments bring a fun factor to the table. Every opponent you eliminate holds the potential for a significant prize. The excitement of discovering your reward adds an extra layer of thrill to the game.

Why Mystery Bounty Tournaments Might Not Suit You

While mystery bounty tournaments add a new dimension to poker, they may not be the best choice for everyone. Here’s why:

  • Increased Variance: Mystery bounty tournaments have random payouts, leading to more ups and downs compared to standard tournaments. This variance can affect how players manage their bankrolls and plan their tournament play.
  • Strategy Adjustment: If you’re uncomfortable adapting your strategy to the unpredictable nature of mystery bounty tournaments, sticking to more traditional formats might be a better fit. Success in these tournaments often requires a flexible approach and an ability to adjust to varying bounty values.
  • Bounty Value Uncertainty: Players who prefer knowing the exact value of their potential rewards may find mystery bounty tournaments unsettling. Unlike standard bounty tournaments with fixed values, mystery bounties are unpredictable until an opponent is eliminated.
  • Preference for Fixed Rewards: If you enjoy the clarity of fixed rewards commonly found in standard bounty tournaments, where the bounty amount is known in advance, mystery bounty tournaments might not be your preference. The format’s appeal lies in the surprise factor, which may not suit everyone’s taste.
  • No Guaranteed Big Rewards: In progressive knockout tournaments, knocking out players in the final stages often leads to substantial rewards. However, in mystery bounty tournaments, you might only receive a small buy-in as a reward for knocking out your opponent, as the bigger bounties may have already been claimed.

The History of Mystery Bounty Poker Tournaments

The origin of mystery bounty poker can be traced back to the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which introduced the concept in 2020. It revealed a new bracelet event called “Mystery Bounty” but had to cancel the series due to COVID disruptions. The event never ran.

But the concept of the format intrigued other tournament organizers. In 2021, the Wynn borrowed the concept and organized its own version of the Mystery Bounty tournament, the first of its kind. The event met with immediate success, leading to its adoption by live poker tours worldwide.

Precursors to Mystery Bounty Poker

While WSOP can be credited for the idea of “Mystery Bounty,” and Wynn spread it live for the first time, the concept of randomized bounties and hidden prizes in online poker predates this by several years.

One intriguing precursor can be found in the United Kingdom in 2016. Virgin Games, a Gamesys-owned brand, launched “Wild Seat Poker,” a sit and go game with hidden prizes. Players only discovered their rewards upon winning or busting out of the tournament. The format seemed highly inspired by the hugely successful “Deal or No Deal” TV series.

Similarly, PokerStars also dabbled in the concept of hidden prizes. Its Spin & Go Max product introduced a level of randomization to the prize pool, with one of three rewards being picked blindly by the game winner.

In April 2020, PokerStars launched “Grand Tour,” incorporating a randomized bounty portion of the prize pool. Players competed with the knowledge that a significant portion of their potential winnings remained concealed until the tournament’s conclusion. The game is still available today, renamed under the football-themed “Kick-Off.”

Another interesting twist on hidden rewards was seen on the now defunct Run It Once Poker app’s SNG Select sit and go game, which launched in 2020. In this format, players remained unaware of the prize they were competing for until the tournament’s conclusion or their own elimination. While the site shut down, BetRivers Poker is expected to take its place in the US market.

The inspiration behind MB reveals that the concept of randomized bounties and hidden rewards has intrigued poker operators for quite some time. Each operator contributed to the evolution of the format in its unique way, ultimately culminating in the resounding success that the format is today.

In short, mystery bounty’s hidden history reveals that while WSOP may have introduced the format concept in 2020, it drew inspiration from a mix of ideas and innovations across various operators.

Why Mystery Bounty Came Into Existence

The very reason why mystery bounty tournaments exist today is due to the limitations faced by live poker operators in replicating the immensely popular Progressive Knockout (PKO) format, which has gained widespread recognition in the online poker world.

In their pursuit to mirror the PKO format, live organizers brainstormed and innovated, eventually giving birth to the Mystery Bounty format. It addresses several key hurdles in bringing the thrill and excitement of PKO to live poker, such as tracking bounties in real time and creating a dynamic and suspenseful atmosphere within the confines of a live poker room.

The Mystery Bounty format was envisioned as a solution to these challenges, allowing live poker tournaments to offer the same level of excitement as PKO tournaments.

Mystery Bounty FAQs

What is Mystery Bounty Poker?

A Mystery Bounty tournament is where each player has a bounty on their head, but the value of that bounty remains hidden until they are eliminated.

What is an MBT?

MBT stands for Mystery Bounty Tournament, a type of poker tournament where you win a mystery prize whenever you knock out an opponent. It is available in many live series and is becoming increasingly popular in online poker as well.

How does Mystery Bounty poker work?

Mystery Bounty poker works by combining the excitement of bounty tournaments with the suspense of concealed bounty values. Players compete as in regular tournaments but don’t know the bounty’s worth until they eliminate an opponent. These tournaments have typically two phases, with bounties coming into play in the final stage when the tournament is “in the money.” The prize pool is split between regular and bounty pools, and players can win bounties that vary in value.

How does Mystery Bounty differ from Progressive Knockouts (PKOs)?

In standard bounty tournaments, players know the fixed or progressive bounty prize they will receive for knocking out an opponent. In Mystery Bounty Tournaments, the value of the bounty remains hidden until they eliminate a player. Furthermore, bounties only come into play once players are in the money phase whereas in PKOs, bounties come into play right at the start.

Which online poker operator introduced Mystery Bounty tournaments first?

Ukraine-based PokerMatch was the first operator to introduce Mystery Bounty tournaments in February 2022. GGPoker followed suit in March 2022.

Are Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) Mystery Bounty tournaments available?

Yes, both 888poker and GGPoker offer the Pot Limit Omaha version of Mystery Bounty tournaments. In GGPoker, players will also find single day PLO edition of MBTs.

Does PokerStars run Mystery Bounty tournaments?

Yes, PokerStars has launched Mystery Bounty tournaments. In December, a real money trial ran in some international markets. In January 2024, it debuted two MBTs including a Sunday Million edition as part of the New Year Series.

Is Mystery Bounty available on GGPoker?

Yes, GGPoker was one of the first platforms to introduce the Mystery Bounty format, available since March 2022.

Does Partypoker offer Mystery Bounty tournaments?

Currently, partypoker does not offer Mystery Bounty tournaments. It might add MBTs in the near future.

Can I play Mystery Bounty tournaments at 888poker?

Yes, Mystery Bounty tournaments are available on 888poker, one of the early adopters of this format. These tournaments are widely spread on 888poker, with tournaments running around the clock.

Do Mystery Bounty tournaments run on the iPoker Network?

Yes, Mystery Bounty tournaments became available on the iPoker network in October 2023. They are usually offered as part of the tournament series, with big guarantees on offer.

Which site hosts the largest guaranteed weekly Mystery Bounty tournament?

GGPoker stands out, offering significant guaranteed Mystery Bounty tournaments on a weekly basis.

Where can I find a wide range of Mystery Bounty tournaments?

888poker offers a diverse selection of Mystery Bounty tournaments at various buy-in levels as well as PokerStars.

Can I find Mystery Bounty tournaments in US markets?

Mystery Bounty tournaments are available in the US markets, with the WSOP US network running these events in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Can I find Mystery Bounty tournaments in Ontario?

Mystery Bounty tournaments are available in Ontario markets as well, with 888poker Ontario and GGPoker Ontario (formerly WSOP Ontario) running these events.

Are Mystery Bounty tournaments available in New Jersey and Nevada?

No, WSOP does not offer Mystery Bounty tournaments to New Jersey and Nevada online poker players, as the software used in these states still relies on 888poker’s old software, which does not yet support the format.

Which operator spreads Mystery Bounty tournaments in Southern European markets?

Winamax, PokerStars, and 888poker are the three operators offering Mystery Bounty tournaments in Southern European regions. Winamax hosts them for players in France and Spain, 888poker provides the format in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and PokerStars spreads them in Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain.

Which operator offers Mystery Bounty tournaments in the US regulated online poker market?

Currently, WSOP is the sole operator offering Mystery Bounty tournaments. However, they are available only to players in Michigan and Pennsylvania. US-facing offshore networks WPN and Chico Network also offer them but are not regulated in the country.

What is the best strategy for Mystery Bounty tournaments?

The most effective strategy for Mystery Bounty tournaments is to enter the final stage with a substantial stack before the bounties become active. This increases your chances of winning more bounties as you cover more players.

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