partypoker New Jersey

The partypoker New Jersey online poker network is now recording its highest levels of traffic at cash game tables since April last year. Most poker rooms have already started a seasonal decline, but partypoker NJ and Borgata Poker are still moving upwards.

The credit goes partially to each room—Borgata Poker’s Grind promotion keeps things simple. At the end of the month players will be rewarded with either tournament tickets or cash based on how many player points they have earned.

The top award for the really high volume grinders is $2,000, but even a player who manages to earn as few as 100 points will get a prize.

Partypoker’s Bonus Builder promotion is the real force behind the upswing. Since February 9 players have been racking up cash prizes and bonuses while they play. On February 18, they found out exactly how well they had done.

From now until March 1, they can earn the bonus for which they have qualified. Bonuses are released at the rate of $1 for every eight player points earned, and are paid in increments of 10% of the total—players who do not find enough time at the tables in February to earn the whole bonus will not be disadvantaged, they will still get a partial payment based on how much play they can get in before the end of the month.

Prize Table

Level Points Prize Cash Bonus
1 5 $3 $1 $2
2 10 $10 $2 $8
3 50 $30 $6 $24
4 300 $70 $14 $56
5 1,000 $150 $30 $120
6 5,000 $750 $150 $600

The bonuses and cash payments have been carefully structured to reward players at lower levels, as well as the professionals, who have to work that little bit harder to earn their prize.

Between them the two rooms on the network have increased the amount of traffic at cash game tables by over 23% in the last week. The extra liquidity means it is a lot easier for casual players to find a seat at a table.

The Bonus Builder promotion is coming to an end, but the next giveaway will not be long in coming. Check out the latest promotions with the Pokerfuse New Jersey Promotion Guide to keep current with the offers in New Jersey.