Bovada Starts the Year by Raising Tournament Guarantees

Bodog’s US facing brand, Bovada has raised the tournament guarantees on many of its most popular tournaments. Over $100k a week in increased guarantees has been applied to signature tournaments with buyins ranging from $5.50 to $215.

Bodog has had a very good 2013, and its success will translate into bigger prize pools. Measured by cash game traffic, Bodog has gained around 60% in the last 12 months according to pokerfuse PRO with traffic estimates provided by

Tournament guarantees are a self reinforcing marketing advantage—higher guarantees attract more players, which in turn allows higher guarantees.

The Sunday major which offers a $100k guarantee is unchanged, even though its performance over the last few months may have justified a rise.

Bodog is committed to a recreational player model, which means anonymous tables, and the use of Head Up Displays (HUD) from poker tracking databases is banned. In line with this philosophy, most of the increases have come at lower and medium stake events.