Intertops Opts Out of All Network Midstakes Cash Games and MTTs
Key Takeaways
  • All MTTs with guarantees above $1000, all midstakes cash games and tournaments have been segregated by Intertops.
  • “We want to keep our reputation and continue providing our customers with the service and support that they deserve.”
  • Sunday guarantees have been reduced 20% in response.

Revolution skin Intertops announced late last week further changes to its segregation from the rest of the network, including removing itself from all MTTs with guarantees larger than $1000.

“We want to keep our reputation and continue providing our customers with the service and support that they deserve,” an Intertops representative wrote on the 2+2 poker forums on Friday.

Soon after the announcement, Lock Poker announced that in direct response to Intertops’ decision, the network’s big Sunday guarantees were being reduced by 20%.

“The network has advised us that starting from this Sunday the guaranteed prize pools of the two major Sunday tournaments have been reduced. The network took this step despite our protests after another network partner asked to have their players excluded from these events,” a spokesperson wrote.

“We fought both these changes but were unable to sway the networks mind,” the statement continued.

Intertops made the recent decision to audit all winnings from cash and SNGs to ensure that money was not being chip-dumped from a player on another skin on the network. Intertops maintains a reputation for fast, reliable cashouts, whereas other skins on the network are taking months to process withdrawals.

“We want to be able to continue to guarantee our players their funds and remain one of the most trusted and safe places to play. In order to achieve the above we have been forced, due to circumstances beyond our control, to make some changes to our segregation,” the Intertops statement reads.

There were also further changes to the segregation of cash and SNG games. All tables at $2/4 and higher, and all SNGs at $20 and higher are now completely separate from the rest of the network. But this only explains part of the segregation policy, as other skins, including Lock and Juicy Stakes, also implemented their own policies.

“One thing is for sure–we have finished paying for the mistakes of others,” the Intertops representative added. “It is important for you to keep in mind that we are in this for the long-run and we will not abandon our players!”

According to Lock’s announcement, which came via its new private forum, inaccessible to non-players but was cross-posted publicly onto 2+2, the guarantees for $75k “pro bounty elite” will be reduced to $60k, and the $25k down to $20k.

According to a report on, yesterday’s tournaments still had their original guarantees and the schedule was still listed in the Intertops poker client, so the changes have apparently not yet come into effect.