iPoker Skins Consolidate Ahead of Network Split

CelebPoker has entered into an agreement with Titan Poker that will result in the migration of all its players over to Titan, the largest skin on the iPoker network.

The move is expected to occur prior to the separation of player pools on the iPoker network scheduled to take place on September 1.

Online Poker Report published a letter to CelebPoker affiliates announcing the merger and asking affiliates to “remove any CelebPoker banners or other marketing materials from your site(s) before August 27th, 2012.”

Meanwhile, iPoker skin Dracula Poker closed its doors earlier this week. Players are also being moved on to Titan Poker.

According to the new network policy set to come into rffect in a week, two tiers of player pools will exist with lower tier poker skins operating with one pool of players, and top tier rooms having additional exclusive tables. All tables up to NL400 will be affected.

To be considered top tier, the room must meet a set of monthly targets in terms of active players, new player acquisitions and a “scoring metric” that takes into account player balances. The scoring for the key metrics began on July 1.

Players on CelebPoker and Dracula would have likely fallen into the lower tier, whereas flagship Titan, now boosted with the extra players, will be one of the few to make the cut.

Last month Playtech, owner of the iPoker network, defined some of the ways that the player pools in the different tiers would be separated The segregation will only occur on smaller stake No Limit cash tables up to $2/$4 and some sit-and-go (SNG) tournaments, Roei Gavish, Head of Poker at Playtech, told pokerfuse. However, all multi-table tournaments (MTTs) and Speed Hold’em tables will be available to players in both tiers.