Though the 100 billionth hand was dealt out last week, the promotions continue.

Today marks the start of Golden Sit & Go’s. At least $1 million is to be given away at random over the next week in SNG tournaments.

To partake, players just need to play real money SNGs. When all players are fully seated, but before cards are dealt, tournaments have a random chance of being selected as “golden”—in which case the prize pool will either double, quadruple or 10x in size.

All real money SNGs are eligible in the promotion, including heads-up, 6-max, multi-table and hyper-turbos tournies. The exact likelihood of a tournament being selected is unknown, but the probability is directly proportional to the percentage of rake paid, so hyper-turbos (with less than 5% rake) are less likely to be selected than regular tournaments.

In total $5 million is being given away in a variety of promotions throughout June.