PokerStars Supernova Elite Gets More Elite

The one million VIP points mark needed to qualify for PokerStars Supernova Elite (SNE) status is being reached by fewer people. This year 174 players are “on pace” to make it, last year 295 players qualified.

SNE is an extremely tough mark to aim for, but the benefits are substantial. VIP benefits in the year the status is acquired are at least $100k, and if the status can be maintained for the following year, those benefits increase.

According to PokerStars Caleb on 2+2, 397 have earned over 600k points which could add to the number of SNE qualifiers if some of those players can increase their volume.

The top five are led by George Jorj95 Lind III who became the first player to cross the 10m VPP mark in lifetime earnings in September last year. PokerStars offered him a free choice of a dream holiday to mark the achievement.

Second placed AWice was the first player to achieve the lower level of Supernova, earning the necessary 100k VPPs in the first 39 hours and 25 minutes of 2013.

Top 5 VPP Named Earners This Year

3,712,271 Jorj95
2,583,329 AWice
2,100,904 River Prayer
1,905,597 B3RTstare
1,890,859 daddyrnac