StanJames Poker has announced that it will shortly launch Blaze Poker, a fast fold poker game on the Microgaming Network. Unless another site beats them to it they will be the first skin to launch the new variant.

Pre-launch publicity suggests that Blaze Poker will offer a very similar experience to its competitors. A Quick Fold button gives players the option to fold their hand out of turn and be moved instantly to a new table to be dealt another hand. Other players at the table continue to see all the players who started the hand, even if they have left the table.

If the Sit Out check box is ticked the player is sat at an empty table until opting to sit back in. Players can play at multiple Blaze tables within the same player pool and the software prevents any multitabling player from occupying two seats at the same table.

Additional Blaze tables can be opened without returning to the lobby by clicking a “+1” button directly from the table. Details of game types and stakes are not yet available.

StanJames Plc was founded in 1973 by Steve & Anne Fisher and James Holder. The company’s eponymous namesake is actually a nom de guerre derived from the founders’ names.