Ontario's Casino Jackpot Tracker: Latest Updates and Big Wins Ontario's Casino Jackpot Tracker: Latest Updates and Big Wins

If you are looking for games with a big win potential, progressive jackpot slots are your best bet. You will find these games at all top Ontario online casinos, giving you a shot at six and, on occasion, seven-figure paydays. On this page, you will find all the information about the best casino jackpots in Ontario, with daily updates and historical information about the most recent and biggest wins.

Ontario Online Casino Jackpots: September 25, 2023

Exclusive BetMGM Jackpot — C$431,932

  • Casinos: BetMGM Casino Ontario
  • Eligible Games: Loot’en Khamun, Bison Fury, Melon Madness Megaways, The Win Genie
  • Last won – September 20 – C$743,000
Date Jackpot
September 25 C$431,932
September 24 C$432,169
September 23 C$427,250
September 22 C$423,682
September 21 C$419,513
September 20 C$742,928
September 19 C$738,397

Playtech Age of the Gods Jackpot — C$296,651

  • Casinos: BetMGM Casino Ontario
  • Eligible Games: King of Olympus, God of Storms, Wonder Warriors, King of Olympus
Date Jackpot
September 25 C$296,651
September 24 C$298,146
September 23 C$295,360
September 22 C$294,783
September 21 C$293,251
September 20 C$290,356
September 19 C$292,859

Playtech Blitz Jackpot — C$177,995

Date Jackpot
September 25 C$177,995
September 24 C$177,924
September 23 C$176,682
September 22 C$175,957
September 21 C$175,412
September 20 C$174,524
September 19 C$174,469

Exclusive PokerStars Casino Ontario Jackpot — C$191,395

  • Casinos: PokerStars Casino Ontario
  • Eligible Games: Stars Queens, Sticky Fruits, 3 Witches, Pharaoh’s Loot II, Aztec Explorer
Date Jackpot
September 25 C$191,395
September 24 C$191,194
September 23 C$190,993
September 22 C$190,622
September 21 C$190,419
September 20 C$190,196
September 19 C$190,042
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What is a Jackpot Slot?

A progressive jackpot slot is a type of casino game where the potential prize grows as players across multiple machines or platforms make bets. A small portion of each bet contributes to the jackpot, allowing it to increase rapidly. The jackpot continues to accumulate until a lucky player wins it, resetting the prize to its initial value.

Playing Jackpot Slots in Ontario

Several fully licensed and regulated real money online casinos in Ontario cater to players in the province. These sites offer different types of games, from slots to live dealer tables, but progressive jackpots are one of the most popular categories by far.

It is not hard to understand what the allure of these games is, as they offer a shot at huge prizes with every spin of the reels — even for those betting only a few dollars or even just a few cents per spin. Unlike regular slots, which have their maximum win capped, these games can reach staggering numbers.

If you are not too familiar with the gambling world, you might be wondering what makes this possible.

Progressive slots usually work as a network, meaning that several slots share the same jackpot across different casinos. For example, Playtech’s Age of the Gods jackpot brings together about a dozen titles featured at BetMGM, FanDuel, and a couple of other sites.

Every time anyone places a bet on any of these games at any casino in the network, a portion of their wager goes towards the jackpot, increasing it ever so slightly. Popular slots attract thousands of players daily, who play thousands of spins, so it does not take very long for a progressive jackpot to grow, and it will continue to grow and grow until some lucky player lands the big win.

Once someone wins, the jackpot resets to what is known as the ‘seed value.’ This is the starting jackpot amount, so the game never starts at zero. The seed amount helps attract the players and ensures that even if there are two winners in a short span, the second player still gets a decent amount.

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Odds of Winning

While the idea of winning a progressive jackpot is certainly appealing, most players tend to overrate the chances of this happening. When it comes to big six-figure progressives, your odds of winning are similar to those when playing the lottery, i.e., around 10,000,000 to 1.

Of course, progressive jackpots also hit more frequently, but these are usually not as big, i.e., the usual amount is between C$50,000 and C$100,000.

The important thing to understand is that there is absolutely no way to tell when a jackpot is about to hit. You may think that an extremely large amount means someone must win soon, but this is not true.

At online casinos in Ontario, all games, including jackpot slots, are governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG). As the name suggests, this piece of software operates randomly and independently, and no one can predict when it will produce a combination that results in a jackpot.

Checking out an average amount paid by a certain jackpot can be a decent indicator that the average number of spins required to trigger that combination has been played, but this is by no means a guarantee. Sometimes, a particular jackpot will go well above its average value, and sometimes, it will hit twice or thrice quickly.

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Pros & Cons of Progressive Jackpots

The biggest advantage of jackpot slots is their ability to produce these massive wins. This potential also makes them very exciting to play, as every spin can potentially be the one that dishes out that huge life-changing payout.

At the same time, these are not the games you should play if you are looking to get the maximum playtime for your money.

Progressive jackpots will always have lower RTP in the base game than in 'regular’ video slots. This is normal, as a big part of their return is contained in jackpots, but it also means that if you do not win a jackpot, you will be losing more than on a regular slot machine.

The term used to describe this phenomenon is volatility. The higher the volatility, the more costly the game will be to play in the short and mid-term, but in the long run, it will have the potential to produce a huge win. The higher the win, the bigger the volatility.

And, when it comes to progressive jackpots, the win could hardly get higher compared to the stake, so naturally, these games are very volatile, and they are not the best pick for players with smaller bankrolls. You can still give them a go every now and again to try and get lucky, but fully expect that your money could be gone without much happening.


Where can I play progressive jackpot slots in Ontario?

All regulated Ontario online casinos feature progressive slots. BetMGM Casino Ontario and DraftKings Casino Ontario offer the best selection of these games.

What are the best jackpot slots to play at Ontario casinos?

The best and most generous progressive slots in Ontario are BetMGM Casino exclusive titles and Playtech progressive jackpots available at several sites.

What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine?

A jackpot is triggered by landing a particular combination of reels. As all online casinos use Random Number Generators to govern each spin, there is no way to know when or where the winning combo will land.

Can I play progressive jackpots on my phone from within Ontario?

Yes, of course. All slots offering jackpots can be played on a variety of Android and iOS devices without any problems.

How much can I win playing Ontario jackpot slots?

Numbers vary greatly, from low six figures to amounts exceeding one million, depending on how popular a game is and how many Ontario casinos host it.

Will I get paid if I win a big jackpot at an Ontario online casino?

Yes, of course. If you win big at a regulated Ontario online casino, there is nothing to worry about. These are completely legal and trustworthy sites, so you’ll be paid in full no matter how big a jackpot is.

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